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1 Rooftop

Reviewed by Holly x Josh in September 2017.


1 Rooftop is part of the new 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge situation in downtown Brooklyn. It’s the kind of place where you know exactly what you’re getting into: stunning views of the BK Bridge & Manhattan skyline, pricy but well-made cocktails, and a young, vibrant crowd of Brooklynites. Also there’s the plunge pool. Which, even if you don’t go in, somehow adds a ton of value to the experience. Holly & Josh enjoyed their night out — listen below.  


Rooftop Bar
Brooklyn Chic
Cocktails, $17
60 Furman Street, Brooklyn
Dumbo / Downtown Brooklyn
Furman & Doughty Street
AC, 23, F
1 hotel check

Holly's Take

Drinks Rating: 10

There was a really good selection of cocktails, beers, and wines. I got a cocktail called a Heatstroke, which was a margarita-like cocktail with pineapple. I really enjoyed my drink as well as Josh’s drink (he got the poolside: vodka, watermelon, cucumber). There were others that looked great, including a frozen slushie with rosé chandon!

Service Rating: 9

I was a little nervous at first because there is a very defined procedure to get to the hotel rooftop for the bar (and it was not super clear); the first staff member that told us what to do seemed a little short, but he probably has to tell people over and over. Once we knew what we were supposed to do, everyone was really friendly, the bar tenders were really professional, and we had a great time.

Fun Factor: 10

The views were amazing! It was really fun to just be on the rooftop and look out at the city. The hotel also has a great atmosphere so it was fun to look around, see all of the decorations, and check out the interior design.

idk tip

If the weather is not great, check out the bar on the first floor, because it looked really cool. The living wall in that bar area has also recently been featured in some design magazines if you are into that!

Return Appearance? 

I would definitely come back! We went at night so we saw Manhattan in all of its glowing beauty, but it would be a fun place to try in the afternoon to enjoy the sun. We did not get any food, but it smelled really great, so I would come back to check that out.

Josh's Take

Drinks Rating: 9

I had a cocktail called the Poolside, which combined watermelon and cucumber flavors with vodka. It was nice and refreshing for a late summer night.

Service Rating: 9

The bartender was quick and professional in making our drinks and the wait at the bar was very short. And the drinks were delicious as well!

Fun Factor: 9

The main draw for this place is the view, in my opinion. You get a sweeping vista of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, and on that night the 9/11 Tribute Lights were on and very beautiful.

idk tip

You can make reservations at the bar, which might be helpful on a busier night (we went on a Monday).

Return Appearance? 

I would definitely come back for the view and the drinks!