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13th Annual Dance Parade x Fish Cheeks



New York is no stranger to mind-bendingly good dance, but watching a performance at Lincoln Center doesn’t have to be the only way—or the best way—to experience the impressive, inspiring movements the body can make. Enter NYC’s 13th Annual Dance Parade, a massive, soulful conglomeration of 10,000 dancers from 150 dance organizations representing 80 different unique styles and cultures, and unified behind the theme “Movement of the People,” to celebrate the diversity of dance on a global scale. Simply line up with the crowds around Tompkins Square Park and catch these pros while they pass, or consider buying a grandstand ticket for a seat in front of the stage where all the dancers will stop and perform. All proceeds will go to community engagement, plus you and your love will be extra thrilled and entirely enraptured with this excellent close-up.

The Thai food here promises to go “straight to your soul,” so after an afternoon of equally soul-touching dance, it only seems fitting to continue your spiritual journeys with a meal that’ll satisfy and enrich. Fish Cheeks, a lively Thai seafood restaurant, goes for things family style, so you’ll be sharing dishes like coconut crab curry (Southern style curry with crab meat house-made curry paste and seabeans) and steamed fish (whole striped bass, chili, lime, mint, cilantro in cilantro lime broth) with your partner and digging into a hearty portions of diverse delights. It’s definitely the kind of food that’s so good, it’ll have you deeply appreciating the diversity that makes NYC so special—just like all that spectacular dance.

East Village
Dance Parade, Dinner
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13th Annual Dance Parade

Astor Place Plaza, Manhattan

idk tip: Check out the post-parade festival at Tompkins Square Park if you just can’t get enough of the excitement.

dance parade nyc
Credit: Peter Cai

Fish Cheeks

55 Bond Street, Manhattan

idk tip: They’ve got an amazingly fresh $1 oyster happy hour, so try and make it in between 5pm—7pm.

fish cheeks nyc
Credit: Fish Cheeks