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16 Handles x Modern Pinball



Get ready for the ultimate throwback and revisit the days of your youth in Kips Bay with some soft serve and vintage arcade games. Begin your evening at 16 Handles to get your fro-yo fill, where you can find your more traditional flavors, like cake batter and salted caramel or be adventurous with their more outrageous experiments, like Caramel Popcorn, Cinnamon Rice Pudding or Blue Razz Italian Ice. As the name says, there are 16 self-serve options at any given time with new seasonal flavors rotating in and out. The options don’t stop there. Let your inner kid go wild with their extensive choice of toppings. After all, being a grown-up means eating candy for dinner is totally allowed. This is where your personality can truly shine while getting a good read of your date. (Gummy bears…for real?) Share bites or stick to your own and discuss who has made the better creation.

Next up, just in time for your sugar high head over to Modern Pinball. An arcade and museum in one, this place has an hourly fee for unlimited plays. The walls are lined with old-time favorites like Terminator 2 or Star Wars, and more modern versions, like Game of Thrones or Guardians of the Galaxy. You’ll even have a chance to learn a little trivia–each game is paired with details about its origin, designer, and other unique facts about the machine. There’s also a pinball exhibit where you can see all of the inner workings of the machine’s engineering. And when you’re ready to take a break from pinball, they have Multi Arcade Game machines with over 250 classics, including Mortal Kombat, Frogger, and Pac-Man. Cheer each other on or engage in a little friendly competition.

Kips Bay
Dessert, Arcade
Youthful, Energetic

16 Handles

428 3rd Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: Considering skipping the cup and going with one of their specialty cones like charcoal.

16 handles nyc
Credit: 16 Handles

Modern Pinball

362 3rd Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: Keep in mind, this is an all ages establishment so you’ll have to go elsewhere if you’re hoping for an adult beverage—but the in and out privileges make it easy.

modern pinball nyc
Credit: Modern Pinball