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Abuqir x Firdos Grill



First, the two of you will substitute style for substance at Abuqir. This Egyptian restaurant is more of a fish market with tables than any of its more upscale competition—but don’t judge a book its cover. With its menu selection literally preserved in ice (including seafood basics like shrimp, branzino, and calamari), you simply point at what you want and wait (though you’ll also have to specify whether you want it grilled or fried). This no-frills, bare-bones establishment is solely an experience for your taste buds, not your eyeballs; and as long as you keep that in mind, you’ll no doubt appreciate its “diamond in the rough” appeal.

Next, head to Firdos Grill for some casual hookah-based relaxation. With a low-key cafe vibe (substituting coffee steam with hookah smoke), this Middle Eastern-style offers up some unique flavors, like White Gummy Bear, Fruity Pebbles, and Skittles; and if you want to add some local culture to the mix, try their Eastern flavors, like Persian Sands, Firdos Pan Masala, and Spiced Chai. This is the ideal nightcap for couples looking to unwind among a humble setting and chill vibes.

Dinner, Hookah
Fairly Priced
Low-key, Relaxing


24-19 Steinway Street, Queens

idk tip: Get your fish cooked “Egyptian-style,” which is served as a whole fish, super crispy, and a seemingly unlimited supply of spices. 

abuqir nyc

Firdos Grill

25-21 Steinway Street, Queens

idk tip: For $5, you can add an Ice Hose for a unique cooling, menthol-esque effect.

firdos grill