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Ajihei x NYC Voices: A Poetry, Prose & Spoken Word Experience



What started as a simple, yet revered, sushi and ramen spot in quiet Princeton finds its new home in Brooklyn as Ajihei, bringing you and your love all the best in Japanese food and sake. It’s calm, compact, and modern, with a variety of steamy, hot dishes to warm you up: tonkotsu and shoyu ramen, katsu curries, and super fresh, simple, and elegant sushi platters. It’s a hidden gem cheffed up by one man. And, it’s the kind of intimate, spare experience you want when you’re out on a sushi date gearing up for some poetry with your love.

Quaint French speakeasy Hell Phone hosts the impactful, emotional poetry experience you’ve been waiting for—NYC Voices: A Poetry, Prose & Spoken Word Experience—5 Boroughs Unite. It promises dynamic poets, writers, performance artists, and spoken word artists from all over the city doing their utmost to emotionally wow you and give you something to think, feel and wonder about. It’s good for having an intense, enlightening experience together and letting words do more than you’re used to while you take it in and enjoy something powerful with each other.

Dinner, Poetry, Prose and Spoken Word Experience
Stimulating, Eclectic


156 Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: As an appetizer, try the Oyster Fry.

ajihei nyc
Credit: Ajihei, Facebook

NYC Voices: A Poetry, Prose & Spoken Word Experience

Hell Phone, 247 Varet Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: The early bird special gets you a ticket for $12, so buying sooner rather than later is a good idea.

inspired word nyc
Credit: Inspired Word NYC