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Almond x Devoción



At Almond, it’s exactly what you want out of food: seasonal, market-driven and artisanal. This busy and bustling bistro is fresh, casual French that lets its American flair for invention play a strong role in creating its dishes. Although it’s so acutely seasonal that the menu changes weekly, beloved staples include piles of Steamed Black Mussels with shallots and white wine, and a mean, mean Macaroni appropriately called Le Grande Macaroni & Cheese, and mixed with prosciutto and winter truffles. Hefty, hearty and piping hot, the menu offers a wholesome array of farm-to-table foods that make for the kind of big meals you need to stay warm throughout winter, so cozy up with your love, order up some stuff you can share and let the rustic charm come over you both.

You’ll be feeling full and satisfied after such wholesome eating, and a strong, vibrant cup of coffee is just what you’ll need to reinvigorate. At Devoción, the calm, comfortable vibes are undeniable—huge brown leather couches and quaint wooden seats to lounge on, spare industrial lights, a multitude of leafy plants and airy yellow floors bring in the brightness and make it a great, unbothered space for conversation. Pair that with coffee that’s ethically sourced from special farms in Colombia—a product of long-term relationships respectful of social and environmental impacts with an active hand in bringing progress—and freshly ground after harvest, and you’ve got a cup of Joe you can feel good about it while it gets the energy in you flowing. Whether it’s a smooth, sweet and rounded shot of espresso or a strong and foamy cappuccino, these ethical and masterfully roasted beans will get the job done.

Dinner, Coffee
Invigorating, Healthful


12 East 22nd Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Just about anything with Brussel sprouts here is sure to be amazing, so make sure to include at least one Brussels sprouts dish.

almond nyc
Credit: Almond


25 East 20th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: For a little after-dinner snack, try their Guava Gruyere Croissant.

devocion manhattan
Credit: Devoción