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Alta Calidad

Reviewed by Jessica & Kitfox in December 2017.


Jessica and Kitfox were literally singing their praises of Mexican restaurant Alta Calidad during their audio review below. From the “melt in your mouth pork belly” to the highly praised “situational awareness” from the servers, Jessica and Kitfox left happy campers.

Listen to their full audio review (during a downpour) on their way home. 


Fairly Priced
552 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn
Prospect Heights
AC, BQ, 23, 4
Dean Street & Vanderbilt Avenue
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Jessica's Take

Food Rating: 10

The octopus and pork belly combo plate was delectable — the pork belly literally melted in your mouth which was an incredible mouth sensation. Sounds weird, I know. But once you experience this plate, you will understand the satisfaction. The scallops, ceviche, and special skirt steak we had were all superb and bursting with flavor. The bartender makes impressive cocktails — we particularly loved the smokiness of the Coyote Wishes and the herb infused salt rim of their margarita.

Service Rating: 10

Our server was very attentive, so much so that when Kitfox was looking around and admiring the atmosphere, he came over to check on him and make sure everything was alright. His situational awareness was truly next level.

Fun Factor: 10

I landed two new jobs that day, so it was an evening of celebration! The lighting was — mostly candlelit, dim and warm in tone, just how we like it. The space has this nice balance between high polish dining and cozy, communal feel. I totally dig the vibe.

idk tip

Share everything, including drinks, so you can sample as much of the truly high quality menu as possible. We treated it like a tapas style dining experience.

Kitfox's Take

Food Rating: 9

Try the Coyote Wishes for a tasty beverage. Everything we had was a treat, but the octopus / pork belly paella was especially delicious. The skirt steak special used pastured meat, which I very much appreciate.

Service Rating: 8

Situational awareness? Check. Our server was quick to ask if I needed anything when I was casually looking around the scene.

Fun Factor: 8

While it was a little on the quiet side during our visit, the design was great and the atmosphere was comfortably hip. We were there a little early and I image that the energy probably picks up.

idk tip

Check the weather. While this might not be solely applicable to this venue, we walked over on a clear evening and left in hammering rain with no umbrella between us.