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Amami Sushi x The Turf Club at Westlight



Amami Sushi is a simple Japanese restaurant with a philosophy that puts its guests first and pays homage to the four pillars of Japanese cuisine: yakitori, izakaya, sushi, and ramen. That means you can get all of your diverse favorites in one place as you sit across the warm wood table from your S.O., eating sashimi, tonkatsu ramen, and soy glazed pork buns at a meditative pace. 

Sitting 23 stories above Williamsburg, this is about as high as rooftops in Brooklyn get, and the grass-coated space that is summer pop-up The Turf Club lives up to the hype. It’s casual, relaxed and covered in cute games, so your 360 view of the city becomes extra fun as you guzzle down cocktails and munch on snacks. It’s the much-needed rooftop green space you and your love thought you’d never find, along with ice cream and pretzels perfect for a summer rooftop soiree.

Dinner, Drinks, Games
Mellow, Fun

Amami Sushi

57 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Don’t miss out on the popcorn shrimp with honey sriracha crema.

amami sushi bk
Credit: Amami Sushi

The Turf Club

111 N 12th Street, 22nd Floor, Brooklyn

idk tip: Their Pink Highball should be your craft cocktail of choice.

the turf club bk
Credit: The Westlight