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Arcade Bakery x Ward III



Make an early day of it with your person over afternoon pastries and coffee at Arcade Bakery, a hole-in-the-wall spot churning out some of the flakiest croissants and most delightful danishes in the city. High ceilings and drop down tables built into the walls of the grandiose hall it’s located in are the perfect private alcoves for ordering up a diverse spread of bread to share: perfectly flaky almond croissants, specialty s’mores danishes, and innovative loaves like pear vanilla buckwheat bread and personal pizzas. Pull up early with your person, grab a seat and let the sweet, expertly-baked stuff fill you up—this bakery is so good that people keep it a secret, so you should have all the personal space you need to eat all this bread unashamedly, and trust us, you’ll want to.

An early date means catching happy hour, and the dark wood confines and checkered black and white floor of Ward III is just the place to let loose before sunset. Whiskey and bourbon cocktails steal center stage here, and the chill, no-nonsense ambiance means plenty of room to get just a little intoxicated while keeping things calm and elegant. If there’s any room left, you’ll definitely want to dig into their small plates, which feature some mean Fried Buttermilk Chicken Tenders and Deviled Eggs with smoked trout and creme fraiche. Settle for a small table at the back, share a close seat on the plum leather bench and let the darkness, and the whiskey, envelop you both in a wave of warmth.

Light Lunch, Drinks
Sweet, Mysterious

Arcade Bakery

220 Church Street, Manhattan

idk tip: We weren’t lying when we said early—this gem is only open on weekdays from 8 in the morning to 3 p.m.

arcade bakery nyc
Credit: Culture Trip

Ward III

3812, 111 Reade Street, Manhattan

idk tip: The bartenders are so expert, that a simple description of texture, flavor, and spirit will get you a deliciously customized drink you’re sure to like.

ward iii nyc
Credit: Ward III