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Aroma Indian Cuisine x Havana Dreams Cigar Lounge



On the coldest, darkest days of winters, there is one thing that will always warm you up: spicy food. Aroma Indian Cuisine in Rego Park won’t just warm your insides, but it will satisfy your appetite for creamy Punjabi staples like chicken saag and shrimp vindaloo. The menu is extensive, with variations like fish tikka or malai shrimp that you are unlikely to find in many other spots, and the service is friendly. While dairy is an essential component of Punjabi cooking, Aroma also accommodates vegans, with options like tofu saag (spinach puree) and bhindi (okra).

Smoking cigarettes may be passé, but cigars still evoke an old-time tradition of sophistication and leisure. After your meal, enter into Havana Dreams Cigar Lounge and enjoy an ambiance of leather, smoke, and sports. The space is comfy and casual, and while you won’t find any showstoppers among the décor, this cigar lounge stocks premium cigars, kept fresh in humidors, to make sure you enjoy whatever you light up with. Grab a beer or a glass of wine to go along with and stop by for one of their special events—they host many a fight night.

Rego Park, Queens
Dinner, Cigars
Casual, Lounge

Aroma Indian Cuisine

63-40 Woodhaven Boulevard, Queens

idktip: Stay tuned to their Facebook for special hours and events, particularly on holidays.

aroma indian cuisine nyc
Credit: Aroma Indian Cuisine

Havana Dreams Cigar Lounge

63-10 Woodhaven Boulevard, Queens

idk tip: If the weather plays along, enjoy your cigar in the outdoor gazebo and take in the stars while you blow rings of smoke.

havana dreams cigar lounge nyc
Credit: Trip Advisor