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Art Inspired By… x Safari



If you and your person have been looking for something sweet, new and meaningful to do together, look no further—NYC Parks is offering a series of free workshops called “Art Inspired By…” and this one’s on artist, poet, and writer Peju Alatise. The series gives you and your S.O. a chance to create your own masterpieces inspired by work from the artist. It includes an overview of the artist or technique, followed by a hands-on workshop that will give you and your love a fun, productive reason to play with paint while learning a little something about the artists that matter now and today. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

Top off your art lesson with some truly special fare at Safari, the only Somali restaurant in NYC, and an excellent one at that. This hearty, uniquely flavorful fare isn’t afraid to put both grains and noodles before you, so you’ll get golden tones of rice and creamy noodles on the same plate in a feast that’s worth the carbs. There’s Sambuzas to start, which are triangular pastries filled with aromatic herb beef patties, then hefty and delicious entrees like the popular Hilib Ari (roasted goat served aside with Somali basmati rice and bizbaz sauce), and the zesty Chicken Suqqar (traditional southern Somalia dish, spicy chicken stew with aromatic house spice best served with Barris or chapatti bread). This is the kind of night where trying new things pays off, and this decadent, distinctly Somalian spot is where you make it happen.

Painting Workshop, Dinner
Stimulating, Unique

Art Inspired By...

Pelham Fritz Recreation Center, 6316, 18 Mount Morris Park West, Manhattan

idk tip: It’s free, but you still have to register.

art inspired by nyc
Credit: NYC Parks, Eventbrite


219 West 116th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Do finish your meal with some Malab iyo Malawax—these Somali crepes are the perfect sweet thing to end with.

safari nyc
Credit: Safari