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Atlantic Chip Shop

Reviewed by Regina & Misha in October 2017.


“If you bring it to them, they will deep fry it.” That about sums it up for Atlantic Chip Shop, the fish ‘n’ chips sports-watching destination at the border between Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill. Misha and Regina recommend going there when there’s a soccer game on (or some other game where you care what the outcome is) — because that’s when this place really shines. Prepare to get rowdy. Also, the tartare sauce is excellent — dip everything in it.

Listen to their full review below. 


Fish 'n' Chips / British Pub
Fairly Priced
129 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Heights / Cobble Hill
NR, 45, 23
Atlantic Avenue & Henry Street
atlantic chip shop bill

Regina's Take

Food Rating: 8

I’m usually not a fan of fried food, but the calamari and fried haddock at this spot was everything and more.

Service Rating: 10

We were served so much wit and sass, I loved it! The service we received matched the mood of the rest of the place – casual, inviting and low-key.

Fun Factor: 8

While not for everyone, Chip Shop’s dive-y atmosphere makes for a chill night. I think it would have been even more fun if we’d gone during a sports game we were interested in watching.

idk tip

I’d recommend coming here for a few drinks and a (shared) entree, then moving onto another spot to continue the night.

Return Appearance?

Definitely coming back to Chip Shop next time I’m craving fish and chips! But next time, I’ll go when my favorite team is playing.

Misha's Take

Food Rating: 8

Anything fried. I know, I know its the worst thing you can put in your body but Chip Shop is one of the best at some of the worst food (for you).

Service Rating: 10

I loved our waitress. Mainly because she made fun of me a lot for not sharing MY fish and chips with Regina.

Fun Factor: 7

British kitschy pub. If that sounds fun to you, and it soooo does it me, then it’s definitely worth a trip.

idk tip

This place is the perfect test to see if your date is cool. It’s full of British kitsch, they have tons of English beer and play futbol (correctly spelled) on the many TVs. Its like heaven.

Return Appearance?

Can I go tomorrow?