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Baba’s Pierogies x Dirty Precious



You know you both worship the carb gods, so let your foodie fanaticism show. The best place to do this: Baba’s Pierogies. Not only is their cushy restaurant adorable—with a simple white-and-blonde color scheme, a minimalist wall map of Europe (aka home of the pierogies), and black and white photos of Baba’s long-running pierogi roots—their menu walks a fine line between traditional and unexpected. So, yes, you can absolutely get classic potato-and-cheese filling, but if you’re feeling adventurous (aka channeling your inner Carl from Up), go for something like the mac & cheese, spinach & feta, or jalapeno fillings.

Once you’re both good and full, head to Dirty Precious. This cocktail bar is rocking romantic vibes (so maybe walk off those pierogies beforehand if they left you defeated) with a Mediterranean edge. From a visual standpoint, we love their floating lantern fixtures, skylights (bonus points for natural light), and Southern European accents/ ambiance; and, as far as the drinks themselves go, we think you’ll agree with our A+ grade. They’re broken down into three levels (based on alcohol content), with standouts being the Bobby Three Sticks (if you want some caffeine in your cup), Side Pony (it’s pink and cute AF), and Tropical Storm Dave (prepare to batten down the hatches).

Dinner, Drinks
Fairly Priced
Cozy, Creative

Baba's Pierogies

295 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: They also offer two different dessert pierogies: crunchy chocolate or blueberry.

babas pierogies nyc

Dirty Precious

317 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: If you’ve got some late-night hunger (don’t we all?), order a bowl of meatballs and some cheese straws. 

dirty precious nyc