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Bacaro x Beverly’s



If you’re tired of familiar, check out Bacaro. It’s located underground, and fashioned after the same stone wine cellars you might find in the belly of Venice (aka romance central). With a lived-in space that feels as though it’s been around for centuries, this isn’t your average trattoria. What’s more is that that same attention to detail extends to their menu, which is just as impressive. In fact, even dishes as small as the crostini del giorno (imagine a row of bruschetta, but each piece is decked out in unique toppings) stand out. If you’ve been craving a trip to Italy (aka if you watched Call Me By Your Name recently and are suffering from debilitating FOMO), this is legitimately the next best thing.

For drinks, head to Beverly’s. With an upbeat pulse that’s heavy on the neon accents, this energetic dive bar is all about creative expression. From the colorful wall decor and a front facade that looks as though it could double as a storefront in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, Beverly’s also doubles as a seasonal art exhibition, playing host to local creatives who put their work on display for wandering eyes.

Lower East Side
Dinner, Drinks
Fairly Priced
Cozy, Low-key


136 Division St, Manhattan

idk tip:  They recommend some gelato or sorbet before dinner, and we recommend olive oil for the former and campari & grapefruit for the latter.

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21 Essex St, Manhattan

idk tip: Keep an eye out for their upcoming art displays, as their October lineup hasn’t been made public just yet.

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