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Baked in Brooklyn x Xstasy Bar & Lounge



When the weather outside is frightful, comfort food is so delightful. If you like bread—and we think you do—head over to Baked in Brooklyn in Sunset Park. The café and shop are attached to the bakery, which is half a block wide and humming with rising dough. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to see what’s in the works, from huge mixers and ovens to rolling racks. You and your date can break bread while you watch it cook. Grab an artisanal loaf or go for a gourmet sandwich. It’s cozy inside, but it smells divine.

Once you’re done carb-loading, work it off at Xstasy Bar and Lounge, one of the best gay dance bars in Brooklyn. With a retro 70s vibe and an events menu that boasts the world’s best DJs like Israel Reynoso and the most incredible drag shows, you will find it impossible to not to break your face smiling. Enjoy walls lined with old-school album covers and an energetic, frenzy of neon lights as you move through the space. It’s chill and easy to stay, so bring someone you want to hang with into the wee morning hours.

Sunset Park
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Baked in Brooklyn

755 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: If the weather feels pleasant, you can make a picnic of it. Grab some meat, cheese, and spreads and a loaf of artisanal bread. Carry it over a few blocks to Prospect Park.

baked in brooklyn nyc
Credit: Baked in Brooklyn, Facebook

Xstasy Bar & Lounge

758 5th Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: If you’re less of a dancer, check out the events calendar for the next bingo or karaoke night.

xstasy bar & lounge nyc
Credit: Explore Brooklyn