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Ball Pit Party x Win Son



The Ball Pit Party aka “Festival of Balls” is bringing a pool of up to 1,000,000 glow-in-the-dark plastic balls to East Williamsburg, and there’s cocktails. Even better. This event has taken place around the globe, and for the first time will be bringing it’s baller experience to New York, at Bogart House in Brooklyn. Grab your buddy, and dive into the sea of plastic balls as many times you can during a 2-hour time slot, while sipping on cocktails and listening to top DJs spinning tunes all day. Bottomless Pizza & Prosecco are available on weekends only.

When there’s a lazy susan at the table, you’re already winning. At Win Son, you get just that, and some. A huge and insanely delicious menu is best eaten shared, so get ready to fill up that susan. Choose from traditional dishes with an inventive spin,  like fried eggplant; with black vinegar, kefir cheese, spiced cashews, and sesame noodles, black sesame and trumpet purée, snow pea leaves, peanuts and fly’s head; stir-fried red wattle pork shoulder, garlic chives, fermented black beans and bird eye chili. The cocktail menu is just as exciting as the food, and the space is cool, located on a street corner, disguised as what looks like a seedy chinese restaurant. But trust us, Win Son, is anything but.

Ball party and Taiwanese feast
Fun and Food

Ball Pit Party

230 Bogart Street, Brooklyn

idk tip:  Tickets are $15–$40, and organizers say they will sell out. Tickets are now available for the events running from September 11–15. 

Ball Pit Party
Credit: Ball Pit Party

Win Son

159 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip:  Don’t bypass the “nutritious sandwich” which is actually a doughnut sandwich, filled with a butter-grilled shrimp patty.

Win Son
Credit: Win Son