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Bamboo Garden x Kulu Desserts



If you need a dim sum fix but don’t want to fight the crowds in Chinatown, head to Bamboo Garden. Similar to the palace-style dining rooms in downtown, this restaurant serves up Chinese food in an elegant setting with plush carpets, gold art, giant rectangular light fixtures, and white tablecloths draped over the many tables. They have Cantonese banquet hall entrees for dinner and an impressive seafood selection, but the real star is their dim sum service. After sharing a few plates of crispy duck bao, pork buns, and shrimp dumplings, you’ll be ready to curl up in a steamer basket and nap among the egg tarts.

After a lap or two around the nearby Leif Ericson Park, make your way to Kulu Desserts. This spot is small but vibrant, with bright red tables and giant black and white photographs lining the walls. Along with an extensive selection of smoothies, they have crispy and golden bubble waffles loaded with fruit, ice cream, or more unusual flavors like matcha and sesame.

Dyker Heights
Dinner, Dessert
Casual, Bustling

Bamboo Garden

6409 8th Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Tables are communal, so make it a triple date or make friends there!

bamboo garden nyc
Credit: Bamboo Garden, Facebook

Kulu Desserts

806 62nd Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Try the durian pudding if you’re feeling adventurous!

kulu desserts nyc
Credit: Kulu Desserts, Facebook