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Barry’s Bootcamp x Little Basil



You might’ve walked past a Barry’s Bootcamp or heard about its cult-like following and thought it’s just another gym—but you thought wrong. Taking a page out of SoulCycle’s book, Barry’s Bootcamp turns down the lights and turns up the music to make your workout feel like a dance party—only swap dancing with treadmill intervals. You and your gym buddy can motivate each other as their energetic trainers guide you through sprints, hill climbs, and more treadmill insanity. This location is the biggest and newest of the chain, so you’ll feel a sense of community with your fellow treadmillers to go with your sense of well-earned exhaustion.

Replenish after the boot camp with a stop at Little Basil, a casual Thai restaurant popular with Flatiron locals. This spot lives up to its name—it’s tiny, but has bright decor and a friendly vibe that keeps it from feeling claustrophobic. Another draw is the prices, which are extremely reasonable for the solid Thai classics you get in return. For less than the cost of your workout class, you’ll be digging into drunken noodles, massaman curry, and their eponymous Little Basil fried rice with no regrets—except maybe regretting asking for it to be “Thai spicy” instead of “American spicy”.

Workout, Dinner
Casual, Upbeat

Barry's Bootcamp

107 East 27th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Locker rooms are small so consider keeping your freshening up brief and simple.

barry's bootcamp nyc
Credit: Sarah Jacobs for Business Insider

Little Basil

153 East 26th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: BYOB, baby!

little basil nyc
Credit: Little Basil