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BCD Tofu House x Solace New York



SOLACE is the kind of gym you think you’d be intimidated by with its world-class trainers and top notch equipment, but, trust us, you won’t be. An inviting and well-designed space nestled away in Midtown with an awesome community vibe, the team at SOLACE are so welcoming and the studio offers dozens of curated classes that are fun, sweat-inducing and effective. From CrossFit to weightlifting and yoga (by Y7 Studio)—choose your battle wisely.

Named after Bukchang Dong, a city in Korea, BCD Tofu House is dedicated to bringing homestyle Korean food to the world. You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a Korean street kitchen as soon as you arrive too, with its large dining hall and bustling energy. Your meal will get started off with some complimentary sides like kimchi and a Nemo-sized fried fish, while you ponder the casual menu focused on tofu stew and bibimbap variations. BCD has it’s own tofu making factory, so all the tofu is organic and homemade and there are seven kinds of tofu soup, featuring various meats, fish and mushrooms. Steamy.


Midtown West
Dinner, Workout
Bustling, Invigorating

BCD Tofu House

5 West 32nd Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Some like it hot. Tell the team how hot you like it, and they’ll adjust the spiciness to your liking.

bcd tofu house nyc
Credit: BCD Tofu House


38 East 32nd Street, Manhattan

idk tip: SOLACE is on Class Pass, skip the drop-in fees and give it your best shot.

solace nyc
Credit: Fitt