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Benelux x Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen



Exploring new restaurants in New York is one of the best reasons to live here, so, naturally, you must explore and check out Benelux. This Belgian restaurant is new to the neighborhood, and it fits in perfectly. With an old-fashioned pub design married with a young, artistically-minded tone  (we love the blue-and-white palette, the massive summery front facade mural, and those gorgeous orb chandeliers), Benelux is new, but with a fully-realized identity. To top that off, said identity translates into its menu, with the “Belgian classic” (a Mitraillette sandwich stuffed with fries), some ridiculously delish sausages (shout-out to the cheddarwurst), and a vegetarian waterzooi that absolutely hits the spot.

After dinner, grab a drink at the Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen, then follow it up with a movie. Everything about this place is worth a visit—from the hip aesthetic putting its own Brooklyn spin on classic Art Deco designs to the centered marble bar to the mid-century-mod eat-in/drink-in theater. Tickets run for $7 if you want to kick back at the theater itself, but there are a number of screens lining the walls of the bar if you prefer a more laid-back, classic bar hangout kind of night. As for their craft drinks, the Drag Me to Hell and The Squid & the Whale aren’t “shoulds,” but “musts.”

Dinner, Drinks
Hip, Quirky


25 Bogart Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Their stroopwafel ice cream sandwich is too legit to quit.

benelux nyc
Credit: Bedford + Bowery

Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen

40 Bogart Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: If you want something small to nibble on during the movie, their sweet chili sauce beer battered cauliflower and gochujang brussel sprouts are next-level.

syndicated restaurant and bar nyc
Credit: Syndicated Restaurant and Bar, Photo By Michael Tulipan