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Berber Street Food x Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar



Share a couple of small and spicy Afro-Caribbean dishes at Berber Street Foods, where tender and flavorful meet in every plate of Chef Diana Tandia’s efforts to fuse a diversity of cuisines and communicate African influence on the world’s food. This is eating with purpose, so savor each bite of your juicy jerk chicken or zesty kofta meatballs as a taste of the world’s multiculturalism. Within an aura of warmth and color and a zen, intimate space, you and your person can enjoy a different and wildly important kind of meal that seals perspective and thoughtfulness into tang and taste.

While the plates at Berber Street Food are delectable, the small portions may leave you with a little room for more. Cue Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar, with a generous selection of upscale appetizers and an expert assortment of wines from around the world to brighten your night. Dabble over some marcona almonds, small toasts, and fine cheeses while getting on with your intimate evening, and don’t worry about any interruptions– as during dinner, the bar is bound to be quiet and unassumingly private. It’s a small oasis that never gets too loud.

West Village
Dinner, Drinks
Can Get Pricey
Intimate, Cultural

Berber Street Food

35 Carmine Street, Manhattan

idk tip: With only enough space for 15, getting there early might be your best bet. Also, no cash, so bring along your cards.

berber street food nyc
Credit: Berber Street Food

Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar

34 Downing Street, Manhattan

idk tip: The tasting sizes on the wine are perfect for sampling, so please, choose your three and go for it.

blue ribbon downing street bar nyc
Credit: Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar