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The Best Couples Massages Around The City

By: Rachel Clayton

New York City is all about the hustle, so sometimes you don’t have time for self-care and quality time with your partner. Enter couples massages, the best way to have some romantic downtime and relax, effectively killing two birds with one stone—a hot stone, that is.

The Best Spots For Couples Massages In NYC

The Couples Spa
320 East 65th Street, Manhattan | Upper East Side

You may miss this little hole-in-the-wall spot if you’re walking by, but it delivers on exactly what the name promises. This place is all about the romance, with a cozy lobby decorated with red couches, lush topiaries, and heart-shaped decorations. You can choose between a Swedish or aromatherapy massage before laying down on a massage table scattered with rose petals mere feet from your lover. As a finishing touch, they’ll bring you tea and chocolates so you can extend the relaxation even longer.

the couples spa nyc
Credit: The Couples Spa
Ohm Spa
205 East 16th Street, Ste M2A (Fl 2), Manhattan | Gramercy

Ohm aims for modern serenity by providing you with excellent service and amenities. When you arrive, you’ll be soothed by the butter yellow walls and the equally mellow art, which features images of the Buddha and nature. Little touches like a private locker room and plush robes make this spa feel even more luxe, though you’ll forget all about that once their experienced masseuses start working on your tech neck. They also offer a couples package that includes both massages and facials, so you can glow from more than just the power of your love.

ohm spa nyc
Credit: Ohm Spa
Aire Ancient Baths
88 Franklin Street, Manhattan | Tribeca

Aire Ancient Baths is a bit pricey, but it’s worth it to feel like you’ve actually stumbled upon the site of ancient bathing rituals once you walk in. The brick-lined space is surrounded by candles, from the tall, dark oak shelves that stretch all the way to the ceiling to delicate lanterns that protect the flames. The ambiance doesn’t stop there, with soothing sounds and scented air pumped throughout the facility. You’ll get an excellent massage here, but the real draw is their variety of pools—cold, hot, saltwater, jacuzzi—that you can sink into afterward.

aire ancient baths nyc
Credit: Aire Ancient Baths
Cynergy Spa
87 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn | Fort Greene

When you don’t just want to relax together, but want to be left swooning and pampered, Cynergy Spa is the place. With neutral tones, gleaming marble, and chandelier lighting, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped the city to a modest castle. This luxe spa has a couples package that starts with a jacuzzi soak in the treatment room,  and after your soak, you can opt for Swedish or deep tissue massages side by side. The treatment finishes with champagne, strawberries, and chocolate fondue, enjoyed at your leisure in the treatment room. It’s a great way to show your partner how much you care, while plotting to make them greet you with fresh strawberries every time you leave the bath to recreate this experience.

cynergy spa
Credit: Official Black Wall Street
Hideaway Spa & Lounge
108 Greenwich Street, Fl 4, Manhattan | FiDi

Another spa that is true to its name, Hideaway does feel like a way of hiding when you’ve run off the bustling streets of Fidi and into their open arms. This space is large and considered a well-kept secret by regulars, so there’s a chance you and your beloved can get a spur of the moment appointment. Inside the spa, gleaming wood floors and stainless steel fixtures are softened by plenty of greenery and art in muted colors. Once you’re tucked into your couples massage room, you’ll be greeted by soft lighting, romantic music, and hands that know exactly what they’re doing.

hideaway spa & lounge nyc
Credit: Hideaway Spa & Lounge

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Ettia Holistic Day Spa
239 West 72nd Street, Manhattan | Upper West Side

This spa feels almost like a speakeasy, with only a small sign decorated with a red robin indicating that an oasis lies within. True to their name, Ettia is about the healing powers of massage and dispenses with some of the frills to bring you true calm. Their waiting and treatment rooms are painted a robin’s egg blue that, combined with the undyed wood counter, make the space feel at one with nature. Their massage therapists believe in customizing each treatment, so you and your partner can experience a variety of techniques instead of settling for one. They also have mud wraps, scrubs, and facial services if you’re really looking to treat yo self.

ettia holistic day spa nyc
Credit: Spa Week Daily
Juvenex Spa
25 West 32nd Street, Fl 5, Manhattan | Midtown West

Ever find yourself lying awake late at night with your partner, neither of you able to sleep (and totally not because of nightmares) and in the mood for an adventure? That’s when you go to Juvenex Spa, which offers treatments and comforts 24/7. Along with an expert couples massage, you can dip in three different pools, hold hands in the salt cave, or see who lasts the longest in a wet or dry sauna. You’ll feel like a brand new person, but if you want to feel even newer, take advantage of their famous Korean body scrub. It’s intense, but afterward, it’ll feel worth it when you’re stroking each other’s baby smooth skin.

juvenex spa nyc
Credit: Juvenex Spa
Relaxation Garden
130 Smith Street, Brooklyn | Cobble Hill

If the financial pressures of dating (or, you know, rent) is what has you stressed out, then Relaxation Garden is for you. This quiet Cobble Hill spot offers incredible massages for even better prices. The inside isn’t as lush as other spas but is clean and serene with white walls, simple decorations, and a fish tank bubbling peacefully in the lobby. The massage tables are separated by bamboo curtains, so though you may hear others sighing in relief, you’ll soon be joining them as the masseuses work out knots you and your love didn’t even know you had.

relaxation garden nyc
Credit: Yelp, Photo by: Ben B.
Rhemedy By Rhed
230 West 13th St, Buzzer D Lower Level, Manhattan | West Village

Favored by athletes and those recovering from injuries, Rhemedy By Rhed is all about providing therapeutic massages that’ll do more than just relax you—they’ll improve your overall health. They create a trusting environment with white-washed brick and plenty of plants and crystals. You can enjoy your side-by-side massage lit only by candlelight and salt lamps and rest easy knowing they use only organic oils. They also have a sun-splashed garden open in warmer months, so your R&R can include soaking up some Vitamin D free of charge.

rhemedy by rhed nyc
Credit: Rhemedy By Rhed
Red and White Spa
39 West 56th Street, Manhattan | Midtown West

True to its name, this romantic spa is decorated in red and white, with burnished bronze couches you can sink into and gaze up at white marble art. Adding to the atmosphere is the free glass of wine, and cookies offered as you wait for your treatment. Their couples massage is fifty minutes of Swedish bliss, made all the more relaxing by their discounted rates for first-time visitors. You just might find yourself coming back regardless of the full price for more wine, deep massages, and their additional mani/pedi services. After all, they say a couple with great nails are absolutely nailing it.

red and white spa nyc
Credit: Red and White Spa, Facebook

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