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Blank Slate x PS 450



Comfort and style can absolutely go hand-in-hand, and tonight is proof of that. For dinner, start with Blank Slate, a counter-service restaurant that is laid-back without lacking everything you’d expect from a cozy-chic eatery in the heart of Manhattan. The color palette is soft and inviting, with a kind of urban garden atmosphere, and the menu matches its organic-style M.O perfectly. With lettuce wraps, avocado toast with chili honey, and breakfast-all-day options like rose berry waffles, you’ll absolutely dig these airy, good-natured vibes.

After dinner, head over to PS 450. This may seem like your average sports bar were it not for the quirky, industrial touches (see: forest green booths, massive gutted ceiling, chalkboard, and flower-patterned walls). However, if you prefer something a bit more elevated, head to their Back Room, where the candlelit setting and white silk booths add a noticeably more extravagant touch to the evening. That said, no matter which location you land on, you need to run through their promiscuous craft cocktails, like the One Night Stand and Sex Panther.

Dinner, Drinks
Laid-back, Fun

Blank Slate

121 Madison Avenue #5, Manhattan

idk tip: Their brown batter dip with strawberries and graham crackers is a godsend. And if you want to give it an extra kick, add some CBD oil.

blank slate nyc
Credit: Blank Slate

PS 450

450 Park Avenue South, Manhattan

idk tip: If you’re in the mood for something more sweet than sensual when it comes to drink options, we recommend the strawberry-based P.S. I Love You.

ps 450 nyc
Credit: PS 450