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Brooklyn Ball Factory x Gentle Perch



This modern-rustic Japanese cafe has an A+ secret: a stunning rooftop space, hand-crafted by the owner and chef himself, so you can sit and enjoy homemade onigiri alongside a graffiti mural and cute plants. All entrees are served with sides like kale salad and grilled veggies, edamame, pickles, and multigrain rice, whether you order their signature washugyu meatball bento, the Japanese curry, or a poke bowl. Everything is fresh and flavorful–the perfect reflection of their chill outdoor space.

Korean-inspired dinner spot Gentle Perch has a rad cocktail menu. After dinner, take a seat at the bar and order one of their seasonal signature cocktails, made with fresh fruit like calamansi, lychee, and passion fruit in the summer, and cozy flavors like black sesame, Korean chili, and rosemary in the winter.

Dinner and Drinks
East Asia Meets Brooklyn

Brooklyn Ball Factory

95 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: This is one of the only spots in the city offering not just vegetarian, but vegan Japanese curry!

Brooklyn Ball Factory
Credit: Brooklyn Ball Factory, Facebook

Gentle Perch

112 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: With Korean sodas and a small but mighty mocktail menu, this is a great bar for drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

Gentle Perch
Credit: Gentle Perch, Facebook