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Butterfunk Kitchen x Della



Tonight, it’s all about soul food. Butterfunk Kitchen walks a fine line between being a hip Brooklyn eatery (see: rustic-chic entrance, corrugated metal walls, and a cursive marquee sign hung on the wall) and a mid-century, Southern-style home (with old-school wallpaper, jarred sauces and teacups displayed on vintage shelving, and even a retro pastel radio in the bathroom), and that same juxtaposition of styles carries over to the food.

Options include lemonade buttermilk fried chicken & biscuits, curried beef brisket and tripe (with caramelized onion spaetzle, preserved mango, and curried brisket jus), and Nana Browne’s scrapple (housemade scrapple, buckwheat, okra chow chow, and molasses). Just be sure to leave room for their blueberry spooncake or shoofly pie.

After dinner, head over to Della for a dip into simple sophistication. Tucked away behind a rustic brick facade, Della’s narrow interior is highlighted by the intimate space of its bar, with a curved ceiling, low-lit ambiance, and strict attention to detail that carries over to its impressive collection of craft cocktails with locally-sourced spirits.

The standout drinks include Pass the Dutch (with Breuckelen Distilling barrel-aged gin, Docs red absinthe, and Angostura bitters), The G Train (with Greenhook gin, Barrow’s Intense Ginger liqueur, grapefruit, and mint), and 801 Meeker (with Greenhook gin, strawberry, lemon, basil, and soda). Just be sure to explore their speciality cocktails as well (as if the others weren’t impressive enough), like the Muy Tai (with El Dorado 5-year rum, triple sec, strawberry, lime, sriracha, and celery bitters) and The Big Apple (with bourbon, ginger liqueur, and hard cider).

Windsor Terrace
Dinner, Drinks
Fairly Priced
Elevated, Sophisticated

Butterfunk Kitchen

1295 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: The appetizers here are on-point, with highlights like cornmeal crusted corn on the cob, neckbone dumplings, and pickled watermelon salad.

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1238 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn 

idk tip: If you’re hungry again after a few drinks, we recommend ordering their sweet and spicy duck wings or Bagna Cauda (anchovy, radish, radicchio, and toast).

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