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Caravan of Dreams x Steamy Hallows



It’s a magical Tuesday for you and your sig fig. Start tonight with some coffee at the newly opened Steamy Hallows in the East Village. This quaint, cozy cafe pays homage to Harry Potter and Halloween, by creating the freshest most amazing coffee potion drinks. They even self describe as a witchy-goth coffee shop. While the space is small, you’ll walk in and be utterly enchanted by the decor, the drinks, and most importantly the service—the baristas are friendly and “witchy” and make the whole experience a serious win. The cafe closes at 7pm, so factor that into your plan for the night. 

Afterward, head over to Caravan of Dreams to round off your night in a healthy, vegan way. Founded in 1991 as a place where owner Angel Moreno could combine his passions for food, health, music, arts, and community—this place serves up organic, kosher, and vegan food. Plus, it has a fully stocked bar, nightly entertainment, and even occasional educational seminars and events. They’re all about quality here, be that in using the freshest ingredients, or their energy-saving lighting. Visit the restaurant and be a part of a community that embraces better living—because, truly, who better to do that with than the one you love.

East Village
Coffee, Dinner
Magical, Inspiring

Steamy Hallows

514 East 6th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: We love their Love Potion

steamy hallows nyc
Credit: idk tonight

Caravan of Dreams

405 East 6th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: They have an educational program coming soon, consisting of cooking, lectures, exhibits, and conferences, so stay tuned.

caravan of dreams nyc
Credit: Caravan of Dreams