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Casellula x Russian Vodka House



Date night’s about to get boozy. Start at Casellula, a cheese lover’s dream. While a selection of light bites feature cheese at the front and center, we can’t suggest you go here without crafting a personalized cheese plate where you can choose from more than 30 options. And, since we all know cheese and wine go together like, well, you and your S.O., we recommend splurging on a bottle to split while you enjoy one another’s company.

After you’ve whet your appetite, head over to Russian Vodka House for hearty Russian fare, live music, and of course vodka. The space itself is decked out with retro 70’s decor. Take inspiration from it and do like they did in the 70s (the decade that gave us disco): let loose, have fun, and toss as many back as your heart (or mid-week stressed out self) desires. With reasonable prices for the area and heavy pours, this promises to be a night for the ages. 

Hell's Kitchen
Dinner, Drinks
Elegant, Retro


401 West 52nd Street, Manhattan

idk tip: If you’re feeling small plates for your evening, make the Haloumi sliders one of ’em. 

casellula nyc
Credit: Casellula

Russian Vodka House

265 West 52nd Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Go for their vodka-infused shots or cocktails.

russian vodka house nyc
Credit: Yelp, Photo by: Dmitriy S.