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Cello Wine Bar x Club Labyrinth



Warm up to a night of debauchery with drinks at the inviting Cello Wine Bar. The brick-walled bar is complemented by warm earth tones that add to the cozy, laid-back vibe inside. They have craft beer and select cocktails, but obviously, the real draw is the wine list. Their philosophy of maintaining a rotating list of both old and new world wines from around the globe means there’s always a solid choice—and don’t be afraid to tap a friendly bartender if you need a suggestion. They also have gourmet small plates and pizza if your buzz escalates to a dull roar after a few glasses.

Whether you’re the kind of couple who filled out a BDSM yes, no, maybe list on the first date or missionary fans looking to spice it up, Club Labyrinth will provide a space for you to get wild. This underground sex club seeks to provide a VIP experience, from the discreet entrance to the multiple showers and locker rooms all stocked with complimentary towels, condoms, and lube (you gotta BYOB though). Couples and singles alike are always welcome, and on “Anything Goes Wednesdays” they especially welcome bisexual individuals, trans individuals, cuckolds, submissive males, and dominate women. Go and find out what your loved one’s definition of anything really is.

Midtown East
Drinks, "Play"
Intimate, Sensual

Cello Wine Bar

226 East 53rd Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Check out the back room if the bar is too crowded for your tastes.

cello wine bar nyc
Credit: Manhattan Sideways

Club Labyrinth

Midtown East, Manhattan | RSVP for Address

idk tip: Arrive before 10 pm for discounted entrance.

club labyrinth nyc
Credit: Club Labyrinth