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El Centro x Safeword



El Centro is not exactly in the center of the restaurant hub Hell’s Kitchen as the name might imply, but it’s a worthy addition to the neighborhood. Though the restaurant is small, it makes up for it with bold decor, from colorfully painted walls and a huge collection of metal pins and Spanish soda or beer bottle caps on display. No matter what vehicle you choose—margarita, mojito, or sangria—you can choose from flavors like guava, coconut, mango, and more to get your drink on.  They serve up all the Mexican dishes you could want, from mole enchiladas to elote to skirt steak burritos.

Finish the night with something spicier than your food by heading to the American Theater of Actors for Safeword. Brought to off-Broadway by NSFW, a private members club, this show tells the story of two couples and explores all things BDSM. Written with the goal of properly representing the kink community, this play was written with consultations from sex experts and promises to be both sexy and eye-opening. Tickets prices are a bit high but it’s more than appropriate for the analysis of culture, sex, vice, and lifestyle brought to live by excellent actors—and it’s also very appropriately priced at $69.

Hell's Kitchen
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El Centro

824 9th Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: Make a reservation to skip the (sometimes long) wait.

el centro nyc
Credit: El Centro


American Theatre of Actors, 314 West 54th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: The theater is older and without bells and whistles, so plan to hit the show and leave without lingering.

safeword nyc
Credit: Safeword