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Comfortland x Queens Comfort



Leave your New Year’s Resolutions at home for double the comfort food in Astoria. Dessert before dinner is never a bad idea, so stop at Comfortland for one of their specialty donuts before the shop closes (or sells out!). When Queens Comfort moved to a larger location early last year, they opened up the donut shop Comfortland in the old location. Colorful and quirky, the treats and donuts are just as imaginative as the decor. Our favs are the rainbow cookie crumb cake, sweet potato stuffed donut with maple glaze and meringue, and a fully-loaded trash can cinnamon bun.

How do you follow up dessert before dinner? You keep it in the family and head to Queens Comfort. Filled with a similar aesthetic, Queens Comfort delivers savory Southern decadence to balance out your evening. Get the perfect mix of flavors with the Sugar Hill Beef Patty Burger (pecan crusted bacon, blue cheese, honey, mayo, and powdered sugar) or spice it up with the Ring of Fire burger (batter fried jalapeno, bell peppers, cheddar cheese, and sriracha aioli). 

Dinner, Dessert
Casual, Colorful


40-09 30th Avenue, Queens

idk tip: You can always take your order to go, and save it for after your dinner.

comfortland nyc
Credit: Gothamist

Queens Comfort

36-18 30th Avenue, Queens

idk tip: This place is cash only so hit the ATM beforehand.

queens comfort nyc
Credit: Queens Comfort