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Reviewed by Rory & Anisa in October 2017.


Rory and Anisa had their latest date night at Crispo in Chelsea and described the vibe as “the hull of a ship meets the Italian countryside” in “a very good way”. If you’re on the hunt for a giant, crispy chicken parm, Rory gave two thumbs up to Crispo’s version. The real winner of the night was the “yule log garlic bread” they started with. Served simply with a giant knife hole, a big glob of cheese piled on top, and the faith in you to take it from there.

Listen to their full review and experience on their walk home below!


Northern Italian
Moderately Priced
240 W 14th Street, Manhattan
L, ACE, 123
14th Street Between 7th & 8th Avenue

Anisa's Take

Food Rating: 8

Before we even *considered* what we’d have for dinner, we ordered an appetizer: parmesan garlic bread. You could order it with melted cheese on top, so we obviously did, and chose mozzarella. This thing was not just any old garlic bread. It was like a log of pull-apart cheesy garlic bread. Amazing.

Service Rating: 10

Our sever was always one step ahead of the game, in a good way. As we ordered, he asked if we had any allergies (we don’t—but when was the last time a server in New York asked you that?). As we wrapped up, it was evident that I was stuffed, and he swung by to ask if I needed a to-go box before bringing us the check, and before I had to inquire about it myself.

Fun Factor: 6

This place was a great blend between authentic Italian and trendy NYC. The decor—stone walls, a fountain, string lighting and miscellaneous antiques—were charming, not tacky. I promise! And it seems to be really accommodating for groups, based on the menu and based on experience. One of the tables looked like a large group of girls celebrating a birthday, which was not a problem since it wasn’t too crowded.

idk tip

If you can, reserve a table in the carriage house. This room has a fireplace, a large arching ceiling, exposed brick, string lights, and an accent wall full of slicers. It’s really cool and all the way in the back, and really differentiated from the main dining room.

Return Appearance?

We aren’t usually in this area, so I’d only come back if we had something else going on in Meatpacking or Chelsea. It’s an A+ spot to take parents.

Rory's Take

Food Rating: 9

I got the chicken parm — it’s the size of a legal municipality, and its crispiness is perfectly complemented by the generous amounts of cheese and sauce that accompany it.

Service Rating: 10

As soon as we sat down, they gave us water, and then they took our drink orders two minutes after that. They also gave us a heads-up on how long the appetizer we ordered would take, just in case we wanted to get something else to bide the time.

Fun Factor: 7

The decor was probably the most “fun” aspect of it; that the room we were in was like a combination of an Italian villa and a wine cellar was an intriguing, but certainly on-brand and welcomed, approach.

idk tip

If you’re unfamiliar with Italian and/or types of pasta, it might be worth reviewing those alongside the menu just so you know what you’re getting.

Return Appearance?

I would definitely go back. The service was great, the food was to die for, and the restaurant itself was exactly what you’d want out of an Italian dining experience, especially in Chelsea.