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Date Night: Escape The Room, Couples Edition x Row House



Feel the rush and adrenaline of this fun activity by teaming up with other couples at Escape The Room, Couples Edition at Hoodwinked Escape, a memorable, bond-building experience developed by two relationship coaches and an escape room owner. Get locked in and loaded with the keys, clues, and questions to make the moves that mean escape, and connect over your triumphs and successes as a true team. If you and your person are looking to pump it up and get a little unconventional, then signing up for this escape room is a bucket list must.

In the heart of Harlem’s restaurant row is mod American eatery Row House, a seasonal spot with a wide variety of feasts that’ll please everyone. Delicate in both its decor and its dishes, this fine dining establishment makes a splash with sumptuous dealings of creole rub short ribs, fried okra in buttermilk batter, fancy mac with lobster truffle, and pretty pork chops in pepper tomato salsa. The service will keep you topped up all night, and after that exhilarating experience, you’ll definitely need the fuel.

Escape Room, Dinner
Eccentric, Daring

Escape The Room

Hoodwinked Escape, 151 West 116th Street

idk tip: Bring in your friends for a double date—this is literally catered toward couples, so it’s double the fun.

escape the room couples
Credit: Escape the Room

Row House

2128 Frederick Douglass Blvd

idk tip: Your perfect summer cocktail at this joint is going to be ‘You’re So Vain’ with gin, passionfruit, and champagne.

row house nyc
Credit: Row House