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Delmonico’s x Insomnia Cookies



Tonight isn’t just about going upscale, but back in time. Opened in 1837, Delmonico’s has hardly changed. With a lavish throwback design that harkens back to NYC’s roots, standout features at this high-end steakhouse include massive Pompeian pillars at its entrance, period-specific artwork framed along its dining room, and dark mahogany millwork heightening the overt luxury. And even though the menu is comprised mostly of steak (it is a steakhouse after all), their “Hudson Valley” foie gras is a delicacy that is begging for your attention.

For dessert, the two of you will be slipping into something decidedly more casual. Because it’s New York. Why not? Take a walk over to Insomnia Cookies and prep yourselves for something cheap and sweet. You’re welcome to their traditional cookies, but we dare you to go bolder with a cookie a la mode or one of their ice cream-filled ‘wiches. There aren’t any fancy/over-the-top flavors here; just classic options that are tried and true—which is basically their general hook, as these cookies are so good, they don’t require any additional pizazz.

Dinner, Dessert
Pricey Meets Cheap
Fancy Meets Casual


56 Beaver Street, Manhattan

idk tip: To really seal the deal on this dining experience, order the classic baked Alaska for dessert. Created by Delmonico’s original chef Charles Ranhofer in 1867, this one’s a necessity.

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Insomnia Cookies

76 Pearl Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Don’t worry about how late you go out for dinner, because this place lives up to its name and stays open till 3 a.m.

insomnia cookies nyc