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Drunken Dumpling x Mochii



Get ready for a night of delicious things in small packages. Start at the Drunken Dumpling in the East Village, a cozy spot offering an array of authentic, house-made dumplings started by a mother-son duo. Slurp their specialty, xiao long bao or soup dumpling, in either a pork or crab version; they even have an XL one that takes up a whole steamer basket and whose broth you can sip through a straw, though they only make 25 a day. Then round out your dumpling experience with some of their potstickers stuffed with fillings like chicken and cashews or shrimp with bacon and orange slice.

Next, head on over to Mochii, a tiny storefront offering an array of homemade mochi, or chewy rice cakes. Try it in all different kinds of forms, from mochi wrapped around spheres of ice cream or sorbet, to mochi filled with sweet cream and other treats like fruit or Nutella. There are also an array of toppings that accompany mochi balls like coconut flakes or condensed milk, and you can even quench your thirst with iced teas or coffees with homemade mochi balls at the bottom.

East Village
Dinner and Dessert
Delicious small bites

Drunken Dumpling

137 1st Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: They also have delicious buns. 

Drunken Dumpling
Credit: Drunken Dumpling


116 East 7th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: They also offer mochi-making classes, another perfect date night opportunity!

Credit: Mochii