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Reviewed by Sophie & Chris in October 2017.


“The perfect place to go on a date because of all the nook-y booths”. Sophie and Chris wanted to try every drink on the menu — though they only got through four, and loved them all. See their recommendations in their two-take rating below. They split some house-roasted nuts, fell in love with the luxe bathrooms and plan on returning for the outdoor patio.

You can hear it in their voices how happy they were post-Elsa. Listen below.


Fairly Priced
136 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Heights
45, NR, 23
Atlantic Avenue Between Henry & Clinton
elsa bill

Sophie's Take

Drinks Rating: 10

We had four very inventive and complex cocktails: Spider in a Cup, Among the Wild Young, Werewolf Season, and New Partner.

Service Rating: 10

We just sat at the bar, but the bartenders were attentive and friendly! No complaints at all.

Fun Factor: 9

It’s just a very cool bar! Really interesting interior design/decor and felt very warm and friendly and borderline fancy, but unpretentiously so. Not too loud so great for conversation!

idk tip

Honestly, we didn’t go wrong with a single one of their cocktails, so order as you will! There are cozy booths, bar space, and a backyard if it’s nice.

Return Appearance?

Definitely definitely, we want to try ALL the drinks (insert tongue emoji).

Chris' Take

Drinks Rating: 10

We shared four cocktails – the Spider in the Cup, Werewolf Season, Among the Wild Young, and New Partner. We also shared the house roasted nuts. All the cocktails were excellent – lots of flavors and aromas that came together for an outstandingly tasty and olfactory experience. There were so many more drinks on the menu we really want to try as well! But sadly one can only have so many per visit…overall Elsa’s cocktail menu is really impressive and their bartenders have made some very creative mixes.

Service Rating: 10

We chatted with the bartenders about what to order and the design of the space. They were very friendly and helpful! Definitely tell them what kind of cocktail you’re into and see what they suggest – there’s a lot of options and they helped guide us to some really first-rate drinks.

Fun Factor: 10

Elsa is the perfect place for a date! There were lots of small, intimate, nook-ish booths with room for two (and bigger ones for four if you’re on a double). There was also a spacious patio out back. We never strained to hear each other – even as the bar area got more crowded it never got too loud. It’s also a really awesome space, the interior design was a talking point for me and Sophie as soon as we sat down and we kept remarking about different details that emerged as we took it all in. Even the bathrooms are remarkably elegant, definitely a must see!

idk tip

Definitely plan to have more than one drink! There are some snacks on the menu in case you’re afraid the cocktails will catch up to you too quickly. (And make a trip to the bathroom! I know that sounds weird but it was the coolest bathroom I’ve ever seen that didn’t have a fancy Japanese toilet.)

Return Appearance?

Absolutely! We’re already planning a double date at Elsa for next week. I think we’ll be going back a lot to continue our escapades through the cocktail menu.