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Esme x The Brew Inn



Esme, a cozy restaurant in Greenpoint, proves that rustic minimalism is in. From the entrance alone, the contrasting 50/50 display of natural, reclaimed wood and white shiplap, paneless windows, and a rusted, minimalist storefront sign will have you hooked. Inside, the design does Esme’s rustic vibe justice. With complex geometric pendant lights, natural hues, and just a single splash of color behind the bar to complement its stark white backdrop, this restaurant is the perfect, pastoral escape from NYC’s concrete jungle. Don’t miss the crispy calamari and ricotta cavatelli.

After dinner, grab some locally-sourced craft brews at The Brew Inn. With an old-school, almost European stone facade, this low-lit gastropub goes all-in on testing the limits of unique designs crafted from refurbished wood. The bar itself is whipped up out of a mish-mash of unique wood patterns, while the walls incorporate an almost quilted arrangement of wood, tile, and mirror. Basically, every corner of this bar is made up of quirky, ornamental wood placements, elevating this from your standard dive bar to a timbered walk-through art installation.

Dinner, Drinks
Fairly Priced
Rustic, Creative


999 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Their spring vegetable ratatouille with crispy polenta is easily the best way to capture the full Esme experience.

esme greenpoint nyc

The Brew Inn

924 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn 

idk tip: Do your inner kid a favor and order the tater tots. They’re basically deep-fried love nuggets.

the brew inn nyc