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Farida Central Asian Cuisine & Grill x Beer Authority



Perfect for when you and your love feel like going under the radar and trying something fresh, flavorful and new, Farida Central Asian Cuisine & Grill boasts the only menu of its kind in the whole city. Dishes like meat or pumpkin samsa — delicate and richly filled puff pastries — compliment juicy grilled kebabs and steaming soups, stocked with vegetables and spices, for a holistically satisfying meal, unlike anything you’ve ever savored. Hailing from the regions of Uzbek, Kazakh, Uyghur, and  Tadjick, this brilliant and zesty little spot is exactly where you want to take your dining curiosity one step further.

When you’re done sampling novel tastes and twists at Farida, take your babe for a swig at Beer Authority, a spacious 3-story mahogany beer hall with 90 global craft beers on tap and another hundred bottled beers to boot. The sprawling wooden rooms mean securing a table overlooking familiar and beloved Times Square is a done deal, and there’s even a rooftop for you and your love to stroll on if you feel like getting out of the dim light and into the city light. Prepare for a buzzing good time trying out new beers and taking in the sights at this casual oversized pub in the heart of midtown.

Garment District
Dinner, Drinks
Can Get Pricey
Original, Laid-back

Farida Central Asian Cuisine & Grill

498 9th Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: Because everything is made totally in-house and fresh, expect your food to take a little while after you’ve ordered, but don’t despair– there are books about the region to pour over while you wait.

farida central asian cuisine nyc
Credit: Farida Central Asian Cuisine & Grill

Beer Authority

300 West 40th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Notoriously good bar food offered here, and the kitchen is open late, late, late, so you’ll have plenty of time to work up an appetite again.

beer authority nyc
Credit: Beer Authority