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Felice 64 x Treadwell Park



At Felice 64, rustic never looked so hip. This cozy trattoria is ripe with Italian inspiration (specifically from Florence and Tuscany), with the exception of some idiosyncratic flairs (i.e. the massive and bulbous chandelier strung front and center, exposed brick walls dressed with industrial pipe shelving, and a complex, but rustic archway at the entrance fashioned out of reclaimed wood). Just be sure to pair your meal with one of their many eco-friendly wines produced in their own Italian vineyard, Fattoria Sardi Giustiniani.

After dinner, make your way to Treadwell Park. This modern spin on a sports bar has all the classic accouterment one might expect (like widescreen TVs and greasy bar food), but with the addition of some elevated touches. With a metal coffered ceiling, cedar wood walls, floors, and tables, and your choice of either ping pong or pinball, Treadwell Park embodies a simplistic, but unique bar atmosphere.

Upper East Side
Dinner, Drinks
Fairly Priced
Rustic, Elevated

Felice 64

1166 1st Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: For dessert, their Sant Ambroeus (a chocolate mousse cake with a chocolate custard center) is perfect for your chocolate addiction.

felice 64 nyc

Treadwell Park

1125 1st Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: Don’t pretend you don’t want to try their 4 Way Street Style Corn on the Cob (with Cheetos, cool ranch, Mexican lime, and ancho seasoning).

treadwell park nyc