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Floral Design Workshop x Lupa



Keeping an aesthetic, inviting space with each other is of utmost importance, and at this Floral Design Workshop with Julia Testa, you can bring home a blooming, fragrant floral arrangement of your own creation to boost up the beauty of where you live. Following this wonderful floral design expert, you and your love will learn the ins and outs of choosing the right flowers, greening your vases properly, and fine-tuning your eye for design before filling out your vases to their beautiful brims. Complimentary wine, tea, and coffee will accompany instruction, and a free tote comes with the experience.

Imagine food that’s as traditionally, devotionally Roman as it gets, then add some modern New York sensibility and mindfulness, and you get the casual-bourgeois fare that is Lupa. This skillful Roman trattoria churns out dishes like Bucatini All’Amatriciana, Bavette Cacio e Pepe, octopus with salsa verde & charred leeks, and luscious sweetbread agnolotti with sage and butter. It’s petite, warmly lit, and alive with graceful waiters in butcher coats serving only the finest in Roman cooking, elite Italian wines, and elegant cheeses, allowing the ingredients to take center stage.

Floral Design Workshop, Dinner
Innovative, Sentimental

Floral Design Workshop

111 Thompson Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Get there 15 minutes early (aka, 5:45 pm)  to choose your seats—since this isn’t designed specifically as a workshop for couples, you want to make sure you can sit next to each other easily.

julia testa floral design workshop nyc
Credit: Julia Testa


170 Thompson Street, Manhattan

idk tip: If you absolutely love pasta (and obviously, you do), they’ve got a Roman Five Pasta Tasting Menu, and yes, you should indulge in it.

lupa nyc
Credit: Kelly Campbell