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FlyNYON Valentine’s Day Flight x Champagne Lounge



What better way to capture the sky-high feelings you share for each other than by soaring over the blissfully scenic city you share your lives in? These helicopter tours zip you above Manhattan with full views of Midtown, the Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center and Brooklyn Bridge with a route designed for optimum aerial photography, so that you and your love can capture every adrenaline-filled second. Choose from either doors-off or door-on, with different time lengths available for different prices, and give yourselves the gift of a brand new and totally sublime experience. With FlyNYON, you’ll be creating romance out of adventure, fun, and breathtaking New York City beauty. This is where you can find all the booking options, pricing, and details. Use the code idktonight35 for 35% off at check out.

Once you’re back on terra firma, make your way back inside the luxe hangar for a special idk tonight x FlyNYON couples lounge. Expect champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, free date night ideas provided by idk tonight, games and more. It’s the ultimate hangout lounge, and only available on Februrary 14th. You may even meet idk founder Jordan Scott, and her fiancé, Nick who will be there running the show!

Kearny, NJ
Helicopter Ride, Champagne Lounge
Relaxed, Creative

FlyNYON Valentine's Day Flight

78 John Miller Way, Kearny, New Jersey

idk tip:  Get 35% off your ticket with the code idktonight35.

flynyon helicopter ride nyc
Credit: FlyNYON

Champagne Lounge

78 John Miller Way, Kearny, New Jersey

idk tip: The champagne lounge is getting the idk treatment—expect games, giveaways and more!

champagne lounge flynyon nyc
Credit: FlyNYON