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Sleep No More x The Lodge at Gallow Green



Start your Valentine’s Day celebrations early with the wildly exciting, highly dramatic and adrenaline-infused immersive theater experience Sleep No More, an exhilarating production based on Macbeth. Slip on your Venetian carnival masks and hold hands tight as you two are let loose on the hotel floors of the McKittrick and made to follow around the famed characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, the MacDuffs, King Duncan, and a variety of witches as they undress, dance, make love, murder each other and wash off blood. The fabulously professional props, haunting hotel scenery, and highly-skilled acrobatic actors and dancers lift the famous play to new heights in an enchanting, accessible way that’ll have your hearts pumping and blood rushing—just the way you want it to be when you’re around each other. Tickets are going fast, so make sure to get them here.

Wind down from all the rave and high drama over warm drinks and toasty flames at The Lodge at Gallow Green, the McKittrick Hotel’s winter rooftop hideaway. Plaid blankets draped over comfy chairs, a hefty fire pit, fragrant pine needles, and eclectic prints decorate this winter getaway to maximize the amount of coziness you and your love can experience, and there are even bunk beds to sit on for an ultra-rustic touch. It’s the cozy, cute and warm wind-down you want to any perfect pre-Valentine’s Day celebration.

Food, Drinks, Interactive Theater
Tickets, $99.50—$300
Immersive, Romantic

Sleep No More

The McKittrick Hotel, 530 West 27th Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: For a truly special night, opt for their champagne table reservation. 

sleep no more nyc
Credit: The McKittrick Hotel

Gallow Green

The McKittrick Hotel, 530 West 27th Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: One of our very own couples reviewed Gallow Green here. Their thoughts: super popular spot and for a good reason. The views, atmosphere and spooky ride up the elevator all make Gallow Green a destination spot.

the lodge gallow green nyc
Credit: The McKittrick Hotel