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Gen x Astronomy on Tap



Start your night off at Gen for high-quality sushi and appetizers in a chill, intimate space. The cozy interior is pretty simple but livened up with curated art, plenty of plants, and infused mint water at every table. Their attentive servers will keep you happy with a full array of appetizers from shumai to katsu to seaweed salad. They offer up solid noodle, udon, and tempura entrees, but their fresh and hella affordable sushi is the way to go.

After dinner, do the second most romantic thing after looking at the stars—learning about them. Astronomy on Tap is a lecture series that features short, entertaining talks (the opposite of your Biology 101 basically) bout everything stars, space, and the cosmic universe. It kicks off with a quiz at 7:30, followed by two hours of lectures by Moiya McTier (Columbia), Matt Stanley (NYU) and more. This month the show falls on Juneteenth and is dedicated to remembering Einstein’s most famous observations. The event is held at nerd bar The Way Station, so even if you don’t get learnt you still get turnt.

Prospect Heights
Dinner, Drinks, Science
Chill, Educational


659 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Come by in the morning to try authentic Japanese breakfast.

Credit: Gen Sushi

Astronomy on Tap

683 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Stay until the end for a chance to win prizes!

Credit: The Way Station