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Gila’s Nosh x The Gem Saloon



This is the kind of family-owned business that puts lots of love, warmth, and tradition into its dishes, which means you can expect top-notch home cooking and just about the smoothest and most flavorful hummus in NYC. At Gila’s Nosh, Gila herself is behind the counter to offer you and your person the nourishing Mediterranean fare you crave at her no-frills family establishment. Feel comfortable ordering up a loaded falafel sandwich or flavorful chicken shawarma knowing Gila got it just right. Add all those Mediterranean faves like bourikas, labne, tahini and of course, a couple of warm, fluffy pita loaves, and it’s a meal that’ll leave you simply, wonderfully satisfied.

You’ll want a solid round of drinks to polish off that homestyle Mediterranean fare, and the airy, rustic bar that is The Gem Saloon is just the place. Big and beautiful, this wooden tavern boasts a gorgeous horseshoe bar on its ground floor, and another sparkling counter on its mezzanine from which to order up your drinks. With over thirty types of popular and trendy beers plus western-themed cocktails like the refreshing Guns N Gold (mango black tea infused gin, lemon juice) or the feisty Smoke & Fire (xicadu mezcal, ancho poblano verde, lime juice, agave syrup), you can be sure of a wildin’, but relaxin’, time with your person to taper off your night.

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Dinner, Drinks
Satisfying, Mellow

Gila's Nosh

375 3rd Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: Ok, but you have to try their Babka for dessert—it’s buttery perfection.

gilas nosh nyc
Credit: Quiet City Maps

The Gem Saloon

30 Waterside Plaza, Manhattan

idk tip: Try and make it in before 11, when the crowd tends to get rowdier, so you can have some barstools and space to yourselves.

the gem saloon nyc
Credit: The Gem Saloon