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Golden Diner x Hawa Smoothies and Bubble Tea



Samuel Yoo, the man behind Golden Diner (your first stop tonight), is a diner nostalgist who grew up in Queens and cut his chef teeth working with some of the city’s best at Torrisi and Momofuku. At his new spot, his goal is to preserve diner culture but in a more vibrant way—with a thoughtful and concise menu (not 20 pages long) offering his take on the essentials, plus fresh veggie-happy creations to cater to the increasingly meatless neighborhood. Think avocado toast with lemongrass, pickled shallots, fresh turmeric, galangal, and Thai basil—inspired by the Indonesian congee dish, Bubur Ayam. Staying true to diner form, the spot’s open kitchen is surrounded by a white Formica counter and seafoam green swivel bar stools—it’s perfect spot to pull up a couple of seats and get lost in the weekend papers over a bottomless cup of coffee. 

Keep the veggie-happy vibes going with a freshly squeezed juice or blended smoothie at Hawa Smoothies—a hole in the wall, cash-only place you’d probably only find if you’d been told about it or lived nearby. The walls are filled with posters of their suggested “amazing drink”, juices, or smoothie combinations like Kale Monster, or Hot Passion, and the counter displays all the fresh fruit, herbs and super seeds available. If you’re feeling creative, you can also create your own combo. We’re even thinking maybe create your own couple juice? Cute.

Lower East Side
Brunch, Smoothies
Casual, Cool

Golden Diner

123 Madison Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Get in earlier to catch their green tea matcha cake making the rounds on Instagram.

golden diner nyc
Credit: Joyce Kim for Golden Diner

Hawa Smoothies & Bubble Tea

181A East Broadway, Manhattan

idk tip: Hawa also blends up a seriously good Acai bowl topped with fresh fruit and crunchy seeds and granola.

hawa smoothies nyc
Credit: Yelp, Photo by: Marco B.