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A Great Week For Women At Velvet Brooklyn x Roebling Pizza



If your idea of an ideal bedtime story is a Reductress article read to you aloud, you’ll love A Great Week For Women: A Night of Humorous Readings. This monthly show brings together exclusively female comedy writers to read some of their favorite pieces. This month the show has guests whose credits include The New Yorker, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and Flexx Mag all for the low, low price of free. It all goes down at the Velvet Brooklyn, where plush couches, draperies, and low lighting make it just as cozy as the name suggests.

Discuss your favorites over a slice of NYC’s finest food over at Roebling Pizza. This hidden gem is a neighborhood favorite that’s been serving up slices since 1960. The cozy joint has limited seating, but the friendliness of the owner and the colorful art on the walls more than makes up for it. A Bianco Verde slice is great for those who can spare the sauce, but even their cheese slice has been compared to Joe’s, so you really can’t go wrong.

Comedy, Pizza
Cozy, Casual

Velvet Brooklyn

Velvet Brooklyn, 174 Broadway, Brooklyn

idk tip: Head to the bar instead of waiting at your table for drinks, as service can be slow sometimes. 

a great week for women nyc
Credit: A Great Week for Women, Eventbrite

Roebling Pizza

326 Roebling Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Free wifi means you can follow all your new favorite female comedy writers on Twitter right away.

roebling pizza nyc
Credit: Roebling Pizza