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Hanon x Crystal Lake Brooklyn



When your attempts to save have led to a few too many nights eating 99 cent ramen, try something new and treat yourself to udon at hanon. This newly opened restaurant is run by eccentric owners (they respectively run production and condom companies back in Japan) but absolutely nails this classic noodle dish that’s thicc. The space is bright and minimalist by day and dark and romantic by night, with the only departure from white walls, steel appliances, and wood beams being the lime green booths. The rest of the color comes from the dishes—over twenty varieties of udon that you can slurp up with seafood tempura, curry sauce, cabbage steak, and more delicious toppings.

For drinks and a good time, walk over to Crystal Lake Brooklyn. This bar feels lived-in despite its short tenure and promises efficient and friendly service every time. Though you may be sidetracked by getting a drink at the antique bar and discussing it’s hand-painted mirrors, it’s worth venturing down the hallway to the cavernous back room. There you’ll find more seating and a huge projection screen, fit for the screenings, comedy, burlesque, and art shows that take place here. They have a decent selection of beer but the spicy margarita or boozy lemonade come highly recommended.

Dinner, Drinks
Friendly, Chill Vibes


436 Union Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Don’t be afraid to try the Sasauchi udon—and yes, it’s supposed to be cold.

hanon nyc
Credit: hanon

Crystal Lake Brooklyn

647 Grand Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: It’s dog-friendly if you’ve got a furry third wheel.

crystal lake brooklyn
Credit: Crystal Lake Brooklyn