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15 Great Places To Eat Something Healthy On Date Night

By: Sophia Marina

A healthy relationship means lots of things, and the deeper you go, the more you want to grow, improve and enrich different aspects of life with your partner, body, mind, and heart. City life is fast-paced and stressful, but coping and overcoming has led New Yorkers to develop a blossoming, booming health culture that includes a multitude of wholesome, nourishing eateries that dedicate themselves to a positive philosophy of actually being good for your body. But eating clean doesn’t have to mean a $14 bowl of quinoa gulped down in a narrow juice bar—there are plenty of places that not only deliver interesting, innovatively delicious takes on vegetables, paleo diets and macrobiotics, but that also pack a healthy dose of romance in their beautifully manicured, modern and eclectic good food spaces. Here’s our guide to having a pretty and pure meal with your person while keeping the love alive, healthy and thriving.

The Best Date Night Spots In New York For Healthy Eating

While We Were Young
183 West 10th Street, Manhattan

It won’t be hard to make a case for healthy eating once you and your person step into the perfectly pristine and stylish bright white-walled perimeter of While We Were Young, a scenic West Village locale serving wholesome new American cuisine along with a smatter of creative cocktails. Take your seat on the pale pink velvet cushions lining the walls and rest your elbows on white marble accented in gold as you take your pick of favorite foods turned astonishingly—and deliciously—healthy, like Kale Chicken and Waffles, Burrata with pomegranate and mulled pears, Cauliflower Tots, and a sky-high Avocado Toast featuring poached farm fresh eggs, feta and pomegranate. Famous for its Instagram rep, all this farm fresh nourishment is artistically arranged and presented, so you can be sure that you and your love will be eating both healthy and beautiful.

while we were young nyc
Credit: While We Were Young
Industry City, 238 36th Street, Brooklyn | Terminal Stores, Chelsea, 269 11th Avenue, Manhattan

All things healthful and avocado mesh to fulfill any health food craving at Avocaderia, the world’s first avocado bar and the best place to fill up on this universally adored green fruit. You’ll be in toast heaven as you munch their various loaded options, like the Chill Out, a simple spread of avo mash, lime citronette, chili mix powder, salt flakes and black pepper on multigrain bread, or their NY Salmon, made with avo slices, cream cheese, smoked salmon, watermelon radish, everything bagel seasoning and lime citronette. If you’re salad people, you can’t go wrong with one of their rich, organic bowls, which are totally wholesome without compromising any flavor, and the smoothies, like the Vanilla Almond, are creamy and filling for the perfect avocado-inclusive concoction. Small, mod and covered in leafy green plants, it’s just the place for a good meal and good convo to leave you feeling great about life.

avocaderia nyc
Credit: Brooklyn Magazine
Pinto Garden
117 West 10th Street, Manhattan

Imagine Thai that doesn’t conjure a sense of long menus and special deal combo options, instead gathering only the best of the best in Thai and preparing it all with a “Eat Well… Be Well” and only seasonal garden greens philosophy. That’s West Village nook Pinto Garden, upscale Thai with a selective and healthy twist, a concentration on seasonality and commitment to high-quality ingredients, making for all those big, flavorful, steamy dishes without all the heaviness of a $10 meal deal after. The space itself is lovely and chic, with an almost French touch and ornate complexity that includes dark wood, grey-blue accents, exposed brick, and an airy garden room that begs to be used to romance. Munch on their local farm vegetable Crispy Rolls or dig into a plate of their Roti Mataba, then let yourselves indulge in decadent mains like Crab Fried Rice in Young Coconut and steamy Green Chicken Curry Pot Pie. Trust us—Thai has never been this elegant, or this romantic.

pinto garden nyc
Credit: Pinto Garden
The Butcher's Daughter
19 Kenmare Street, Manhattan | 581 Hudson Street, Manhattan | 271 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn

A passion for treating vegetables with the same zest and zeal as a butcher would meat makes The Butcher’s Daughter an absolute vegetarian heaven. Seasonal produce from local and organic farms means only crisp, raw veggies going into the “vegetable slaughterhouse” and onto your wholesome plates, with an ever-changing menu dedicated to highlighting what’s in season and giving it a healthy, pure spotlight. A Spicy Kale Caesar Salad with almond parmesan and crispy shallots promises to be the most superb you’ve ever had, while mains like Cauliflower Pizza and zucchini noodle Pesto Linguini fill up the rest of your stomach with hearty yet nourishing takes on usually-unhealthy faves. Wash down your meal with one of their prime green juices, which include riches like the kale, cucumber, green apple, fennel, pineapple, thyme and spirulina Goddess of Green, and your bodies will have all the good, green energy they need to keep on lovin’.

the butcher's daughter nyc
Credit: The Butcher's Daughter
Ayurveda Cafe
706 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan

The warm purple light and blue sky painted ceiling at Ayurveda Cafe are happy indications of its mission toward serenity, health, and wellbeing, a philosophy encapsulated in the meals they balance with all tastes on the spectrum: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent. This homely vegetarian Indian hideaway offers a prix-fixe spread of stews and curries served in tiny copper bowls, with a variety of sauces and a steamy pile of rice to smooth out the rich, aromatic flavors. Portions may seem small, but any of the dishes you take a fancy to can be freely replenished, and a sweet, simple dessert is included as well—it’s the wholesome, holistic Indian food experience to heal and rejuvenate your day.

ayurveda cafe nyc
Credit: Reservation Genie
Caravan of Dreams
405 East 6th Street, Manhattan

Around since 1991, you know this dark, bustling vegan spot is truly the OG, serving organic food with a sustainable, ethical cause before it was cool to do so. At Caravan of Dreams, the down to earth vibes are tangible in the rough-hewn wood, exposed brick, and heartwarming hand-painted murals, while a warm, dark aura gives off that same good feeling you get from the food. With entrees like Miso and Maple Glazed Squash Platters, Spanish Paella made with saffron rice and vegan sausage, Huitlacoche and Chorizo Quesadillas and creamy Spinach Pasta, this is the universally appealing vegan spot meat-eaters flock to for a fine, healthy and scrumptious vegan dine.

caravan of dreams nyc
Credit: Caravan of Dreams

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403 East 12th Street, Manhattan

It’s not hard to find Italian that satisfies, but Italian that’s good for you is a whole different ball game, and thankfully one that Hearth, a well established East Village restaurant, knows how to play. A couple of years back, seasoned Italian eatery Hearth did a total revamp of its kitchen and philosophy to reflect a completely market-driven, ethically responsible and homemade approach—so now, their pastas and platters are made with local, organic vegetables, house-milled flour, and ethically-raised animals, for food that makes you feel good in more ways than one. In addition to their famous bone broth, vegetables are prepared creatively, with dishes like Grilled Beets doused in spiced pear and pistachios, or Lani’s Over-Wintered Broccoli with mint, saffron, and cured egg yolk really making a splash, and wholesome meat and fish dishes like Grass-Fed Beef Tartare prepared with raw cheddar, or Roasted Black Bass adorned in roasted sunchokes packing the heart of the meal. A 12-dish chef’s tasting menu is there for those who truly want to feast, and at such delicious, feel-good high quality, it might just be the option for you and your person when you want to eat big, but healthy.

hearth nyc
Credit: Eater NY
38 East 19th Street, Manhattan

An all-vegetarian station of world-renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the creatively upscale cuisine at abcV takes seasonal and market-driven to the highest level of fine and exquisite nutriment. Sustainable farming, local, organic ingredients, and plant-based intelligence inform the menu, with ayurvedic juices, lush salads, protein shakes, artful fruit and legume bowls, and a choice array of rice and noodle bowls to deliver the good, filling carbs. The pure, chic white of the loft-like space emphasize the commitment to pure, revitalizing energy that this kind of pristine food invigorated the body with, and with this masterful chef at the helm, a smooth and wonderful dining experience gives it a healthy dose of romance.

abcV nyc
Credit: Jean-Georges
72 University Place, Manhattan

As the only vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the US with a Michelin Star, there’s no chance the deliciously eclectic, contemporary cuisine at Nix won’t leave you with a new respect for just how incredible vegetables can be. Understated and modern in appearance, with warm light and lush plants that cascade from high shelves, the atmosphere keeps it serene while the food does all the star-studded, colorful presentation. Creativity knows no bounds here, with “lighter” options like Ribbons of Jicama with Fresno chili and blood oranges, or Sweet Potato & Ginger dumplings with snap peas, miso and scallion oil, delivering tang and freshness, while “heavier” options like Pan-seared Potato Gnocchi with chard, cannellini beans, crispy capers and lemon enrich the meal and fill you up. In terms of incredible drinks, it’s their Matcha Cocktail–bourbon, poached pear, apple, and toasted green tea—that really draws you in, while a list of housemade sodas that includes flavors like Pear & Cardamom is enough to satiate any sweet tooth in a refreshingly less-sugary way.

nix nyc
Credit: Urban Daddy
111 East 7th Street, Manhattan

With veganism comes lots of talk about control and discipline, but at Ladybird, the only control you’ll be showing is over how many of their wholesome and mouthwatering small plates you can order. You can truly feel the green at this “vegetable bar,” with plush forest-colored velvet sofas and chairs that pepper the white marble floor and glitter in gold accents, while a lovely arrangement of hanging plants overhead seems to reflect the plant-based devotion that makes for the pure, nourishing dishes they serve, and that you can feel good about loading up on. Every vegetable gets a spotlight here, so you and your S.O. don’t have to disagree on whether or not to order the Brussel sprouts, (although with endive, apple, quinoa, and soy-truffle viniagrette, there’s no reason to disagree) because you can just order the Brussel Sprouts and the Buffalo Maitake Buns and the Caulifower Toast and the marinara, garlic ricotta and basil Eggplant—small plates means lots of plates. Best of all, it’s open till 1 or 2 am every day, with a late night menu that, while a little greasier, is still better for sharing with your person than soggy midnight pizza.

ladybird nyc
Credit: Grub Street
326 East 6th Street, Manhattan | 210 6th Avenue, Manhattan

Souen has abided by its organic, macrobiotic principles since 1971, serving up traditional Japanese food with the nourishing properties needed for healing, improving immunity, and overall good living. According to Macrobiotics, it’s all about finding the yin and yang in whole, pure foods, and that’s what you’re getting in dishes like Souen’s Macroplate, an “ideal balance” of steamed greens, vegetables, brown rice, beans and hijiki seaweed with dressing on the side, savory Squash Tofu made with onion, carrot, Nappa green, broccoli, and snow pea in miso tahini sauce, or any of their wholesome soups. There’s also Tempura, various zesty noodle dishes, sushi and seafood and an iconic cornbread that’s a must to supplement this invigorating, strictly pure Macrobiotic meal that’ll leave you both feeling energized and satisfied.

souen nyc
Credit: Souen
49 Canal Street, Manhattan

This is one of those Lower East Side nooks that takes their chic, healthy foods attitude to an almost-snobby level, but there’s a good reason behind it: wholesome, earthy foods at Dimes get the treatment and innovation the deserve, California style. The contemporary spread at this colorful, minimal little space includes an incredibly tempting breakfast menu of fruity items like Berry Acai Bowls and Matcha Buttermilk Pancakes with nut/seed granola and blueberry compote, to savory stuff like their Power Bowl, a mix of black beans and rice, kale, pumpkin seeds, alfalfa sprouts and spicy salsa verde. Dinner is equally as hearty and tastefully nutritious, a combination of bountiful salads and plates like Black Rice with Brussel Sprouts, sweet potato mash, pickled cabbage, dulse, chili cucumber, and apple cider vinegar-turmeric ponzu, or NY Grassfed Flank Bar Steak with creamed kale and rainbow carrots. Their juices and cocktails have all the wheatgrass and ginger to get you both feeling cleansed and energized, and add the perfect healthy compliment to a holistic, creatively nutritious meal.

dimes nyc
Credit: Dimes
34-12, 31st Avenue, Queens

Ok, so we might be pushing it when we include a pizza joint in our health-food roundup, but the ingredients, toppings, dough and woodfired method are so fresh and so fine that it just makes the cut. A neighborhood hit, Milkflower sources the vegetables it sprinkles on its uncomplicated pizza dough (no sugars added—just salt, water, and yeast) from nearby rooftop farm Brooklyn Grange, with a perfect cheese to sauce ratio on every one of its remarkable pies. There’s the healthfully green Chico Verde, topped with lacinato kale, lemon, garlic, tomato, breadcrumbs, and Grana Padano, and the Van Dammer, with Brussel sprouts, mozzarella, egg, black pepper and truffle oil, as well as zestier options like the Abe Froman, made with pork sausage, tomato, shishitos, red onion, oregano and garlic or the Stun Dunn, an irresistible mix of caramelized onion, gruyere, scallion, red onion, garlic and mozzarella. This is the closest it’s going to get to “healthy” pizza, but it’ll be some of the best, most sophisticated and fresh-flavored pizza you ever share a slice of with your love.

milkflower nyc
Credit: The Restaurant Fairy
Springbone Kitchen
90 West 3rd Street, Manhattan

Both bone broth and the paleo lifestyle share that contemporary craze to improve body and mind through untouched nature, and at Springbone Kitchen, it’s all about those real, whole foods. Aside from their signature bone broth, which comes with a variety of high-quality meat options as well as vegan broth, there’s flavorful, uplifting dishes like Ropa Vieja, healthful Grandma’s Chicken and Rice loaded with roasted carrots, Brussel sprouts, citrus-beet puree, and Tango-chile sauce, and hefty, 100% Grass-Fed Burgers with a dollop of caramelized onions. There are smoothies, breakfast served all day, vegan desserts and a soft, tasty Turmeric Cauliflower Rice you both have to have as a side. A meal this clean, this green and this carefully prepared will bring you the energy and feeling of well-being you most want to share with each other.

springbone kitchen nyc
Credit: Springbone Kitchen
137 Sullivan Street, Manhattan

Not only does this chic yet homey spot cater to our health food sensibilities, but also does a lot of community outreach you can feel good about beyond those sunny, California-style dining options—West~bourne donates a portion of each purchase to poverty-fighting foundations. It’s got that hippie feel that pairs best with the bright, filling vegetarian foods they serve: the Sunrise Kingdom, a platter of scrambled eggs, avocado, spicy shallot labneh and pickled onions on a toasted English muffin; the Mushrueben, a sandwich on caraway rye stuffed with roasted maitake mushrooms, sauerkraut, peppadew peppers, swiss cheese, and special sauce; Graffiti Masala, a tangy mix of honey glazed eggplant, curry-scented quinoa, English peas, cashews, and yogurt; or the hearty Sunset Grains, with  almond butter, maitake mushrooms, kale, and chili oil. All this wholesome stuff is as rawly revitalizing as it sounds, and makes for a date you can feel good about in more ways than just one.

west~bourne nyc
Credit: Nylon, Photo by: Nicole Franzen

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