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House of Vogue: PRIDE x Left Hand Path



Unless you’ve been cozying up with your S.O. under a rock for the past few weeks, you’re well aware that it’s Pride month! House of Yes is celebrating with a special edition of one of their vogue balls—House of Vogue: PRIDE. The lineup is stacked with DJs and MCs like MikeQ, Gregg Lanvin, and Koppi Mizrahi. Get ready for runway walks, death drops, and of course some special time with your love.

Afterward (or before, depending on your plans), walk down to Left Hand Path for a nightcap. A change of pace from the sexy House of Yes, Left Hand Path’s laid back atmosphere is perfect for just being with each other. Dark, mysterious, and lit by solo cup styled chandeliers—with a curated list of draft beers, cocktails and wines, sit with your love in the dimly lit bar and enjoy the chill, smooth vibe as you bring your sexy night to a seductive end.

Dance, Drinks
Sultry, Upbeat

House of Vogue: PRIDE

2 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: House of Yes! is known for being sex-positive and progressive, so you can indulge in the sexiness feeling completely safe.

Credit: House of Yes, Facebook

Left Hand Path

89 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: In case you feel those late night hunger pangs, they have different kinds of toasts and grilled cheese until 2am.

left hand path nyc
Credit: Left Hand Path