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Bushwick: idk tonight’s Top Date Night Picks

By: Sophia Marina

Bushwick is one of NYC’s most precious modern gems, with an eccentric spirit, cool nightlife and thriving diversity that makes it somewhere you can have some down to earth experiences, get a unique meal, and truly kickback. Whether it’s upscale Caribbean food, NYC’s best chocolate croissant or yoga without levels that you and your love are looking to try, it’s our guide to Bushwick most date-worthy locales that’ll point you in the right direction—so without further ado, go forth and wander.

idk tonight's Top Date Night Picks—Bushwick

436 Jefferson Street, Brooklyn

The sensuous handmade pastas and wood-fired oven meals at Faro easily make it an upscale Bushwick essential, and an excellent one at that for a date that’s not too fancy, but nonetheless casually luxe. Once a warehouse that housed art for MoMA, the space is decorated in wood fixings, white brick and earthy log chunks piled up against the walls for a kind of modern-rustic feel that matches the farm fresh, locally-sourced and contemporary cravings it satisfies. While the menu is seasonal and changes daily, some of their decadent dishes have included squid ink Stracci with lobster and peas, Ricotta Cavatelli, and gnocchi alla Romana with lamb neck sugo and swiss chard. Portions are small, so don’t be afraid to go for two each and split a pasta feast with your love.

faro nyc
Credit: Faro
221 Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn

For whenever a quaint brunch strikes your fancy, or if you’re feeling a dash of France on your date, Mominette’s warm yellow walls will welcome you with grace and goodness. Aside from the lovely, ornate decor and lively atmosphere that instantly strike a romantic chord, the extensive menu of French bistro favorites is entirely, irresistibly appetizing. For brunch, they nail classics like a gruyere-infused Croque Madame and sultry combinations of Merguez and eggs, while dinner stretches into French favorites like escargots, Moules Frites and duck confit. It’s a Bushwick go-to for casual—yet reliably delicious—bistro fare and the promise of mellow, countryside-vibes.

mominette's nyc
Credit: Mominette's
The Narrows
1037 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn

Although Bushwick is known for its bounteous backyard gardens, it’s all about finding those unique ultra-delightful spaces to take refuge in with your person, and truly feel like you’ve landed a gem. The Narrows is one such gem. Not only is the garden totally enchanting, but the cocktails are just as ethereal, complex and good for the soul, making for a great place to do pre or post dinner drinks with your S.O. and be sure of an intimate, lovely time.

the narrows nyc
Credit: Bushwick Daily
Sally Roots
195 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn

Even though the mission at Sally Roots is to induce the warm, homey feeling of grandma’s cooking, the mod, colorful and simple-chic atmosphere it’s set in couldn’t be further from a family-style restaurant. Dimly lit and humming with life—yet intimate—the Caribbean American BBQ you’ll indulge in will taste of family recipes and good times, with a number of enticing dishes like braised oxtail, grilled jerk chicken and shrimp skewers to fill the belly. Make sure you kick it off with a plate of tostones, then supplement the meal by drinking down their fresh juice cocktails so pure, you and your love will experience a few hours of blissful vacation.

sally roots nyc
Credit: Paul Wagtouicz
The Cobra Club
6 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn

Bar, coffee shop, venue and yoga studio? The laidback, carefree attitude that drives The Cobra Club stems from their motto to “embrace our vices” on the journey to happiness rather than rejecting them, meaning this is a place to have healthy, down to earth fun, whatever that may mean to you and your person. Have some drinks, down a coffee, belt out karaoke or become a “yoga misfit” at one of their unpretentious and gleefully informal yoga sessions—whatever your vice, you’ll be doing it with the one you love at this wonderfully under-the-radar spot with just about everything you need for several types of dates.

cobra club yoga nyc
Credit: Brokelyn

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1524 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn

It’s certainly true that finding croissants that compare to those of France is a near impossibility in this city, but L’imprimerie makes it happen. This tiny, fresh and modern bakery is tucked under the train tracks at Myrtle Wyckoff and absolutely brims with perfect, carefully baked breads: crackling baguettes (you choose—light or dark), slightly citrusy morning buns, flaky butter croissants, and loaded quiche are just a few of the delicately-made, delicious options to choose from. And what’s more? Both the best chocolate croissant and best chocolate chip cookie awards in NYC have gone to this spot, so you and your person best make it a priority on one sunny, sweet morning.

l'imprimerie nyc
Credit: L'imprimerie
Santa Panza
1079 Broadway, Brooklyn

In the competitive race for good pizza in Brooklyn, there are plenty of contenders, but also plenty of extraordinary standouts. One of those gleaming winners is Santa Panza, a lively, homey pizzeria churning out savory, smokey—and most importantly—genuinely Italian Neapolitan pizzas. The delicate, hot pies are loaded with an incredible array of toppings, from their Salame Piccante (tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmacotto, cremini mushroom, basil), to the Ortolana (mozzarella, ricotta, seasonal roasted veggies), to their expert Margherita splayed with fresh basil. And while their pizza is absolutely lovely, their pastas, imported cheeses, and red wine are nothing to miss, so pick a couple of small pies and supplement the feast with a plate of their Gnocchi Verdi (spinach gnocchi, gorgonzola, walnuts), for a true taste of Italy right in Bushwick’s backyard.

santa panza nyc
Credit: Santa Panza, Facebook
Queen of Falafel
2 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn

This tiny, tucked-in, colorful spot plays host to some of the best and most fresh Mediterranean in Bushwick, with a prime spot by House of Yes! and a tasty selection of halal-cart faves that are absolutely on another level. The food at Queen of Falafel is freshly baked, organically-sourced and deliciously healthy, with creamy hummus and fluffy pita leading the way to loaded, dripping falafel sandwiches, potato bourekas, and a Middle Eastern plate that includes hummus, falafel, tahini, Arabic salad, roasted eggplant, and labne cheese. The broad balance of sweet, salty and sour is exactly what you want out of a wholesome meal like this, and definitely, one you should go for if you’re ever at House of Yes! (which, if you haven’t made it out on one of our dates to yet, you need to).

queen of falafel nyc
Credit: Queen of Falafel
The Sampler
234 Starr Street, Brooklyn

This neighborhood favorite became even more of a favorite after some rejuvenation with local graffiti art and just a touch of Latin vibes, making the cold craft beers and their intriguing line-up of bottles all the better. The mellow, laid back space at The Sampler gives off comfortable urban vibes and a sense of knowing what’s up, so you and your love trust the bartenders are going to take care of you, and gladly. There are events almost every night, a rotating menu that features food of different origins, and art that’ll inspire. And if you’re not sure which beer to order up, even after you’ve sampled them, it never hurts to go for a flight.

the sampler nyc
Credit: The Sampler, Facebook
Bunna Cafe
1084 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn

Even though vegan food is mounting ranks in terms of trendiness, all that newfangled rave can’t compare to vegan stuff that’s been around before being vegan was even a thing. The platters at homey, colorful and earthy Ethiopian paradise Bunna Cafe are meant to be shared, with generous portions of wholesome, zestful vegan delights heaped onto a sponge of injera and spread on a massive silver platter for you and your love to go at with your bare hands. If you order the feast for two (which we definitely recommend), you’ll indulge in Shiro (yellow split peas mashed and simmered with tomato, berbere, garlic, ginger, onion, spices), Enguday Tibs (crimini mushrooms sauteed in peppers, rosemary, garlic, ginger, onion) and Butecha Salata (kale, red onion, lime, dried cranberries mixed with Butecha, chickpea flour stuffing, peppers, turmeric), among others. This Bushwick delight is an infallible choice and one that’ll leave you both feeling closer to the Earth.

bunna cafe nyc
Credit: From Serious Eats: New York
Rose Gold
96 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn

On a night when you’re looking to let loose and dance your week away, Rose Gold‘s got your back; here, the cocktails are smooth, and the vibes are trippy. The venue’s look is courtesy of multimedia creative Signe Pierce and industrial designer Safwat Riad. Riad’s benches are 3D printed, and the artwork is courtesy of Pierce and neon-artist Kate Hush. With black and white stripes winding throughout the space and a bent-steel sculpture behind the back bar, Rose Gold epitomizes the creativity Bushwick is so famous for. You’ll find yourselves clinking rose-tinted glasses and dancing the night away in this underground noirish club.

rose gold nyc
Credit: Rose Gold

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