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FiDi: idk tonight’s Top 10 Date Night Picks

By: Sarah Saxty

You might roll your eyes at the thought of actually having fun in the Financial District, but while you’ve been avoiding it, the southern tip of the island has been converting itself into quite the hub for foodies and design aficionados alike. An area once associated with the hustle and bustle of the Wall Street worker and ill-fitting suits, FiDi all of a sudden blossomed, and is no longer the wallflower of Downtown Manhattan. Here’s our list of the top 10 dates down in the district.

idk tonight's Top Ten Date Night Picks—Fidi

Hole in the Wall
15 Cliff Street, Manhattan

Just when you thought avocado toast couldn’t get any better—Hole in the Wall Cafe and Bar hits it out of the park, topped with truffled fetta, roasted pepitas, radish, tomato and lime. But it’s not just the avo fave that this Aussie team does well, there’s a pastrami salmon with miso cream cheese, fried basil, lemon sumac and a soft egg served on an open bagel, and Aussie inspired beverages like the Dame Edna, a gin cocktail with blackberry and ginger, or the Aussie Iced Coffee and a selection of good Australian beer and wines. The small space is well designed, true to its heritage, it’s fresh, bright, light and totally Instagrammable.

hole in the wall nyc
Credit: Hole in the Wall
Le District
225 Liberty Street, Manhattan

Let’s just call this Eataly in French. A massive food hall filled with gourmet goods, food vendors and champagne bars. Split into Garden, Market and Cafe districts—you could grab a coffee and a pastry in the cafe, get all your weekly veggie supplies at the garden, and stock up on imported cheeses and French treats at the market. Or, just take it all to the nearby waterfront and have a picnic. There’s also a selection of restaurants and bars if you prefer to stay in Francois and food and wine tasting events if you feel like learning something.

le district nyc
Credit: Le District
El Vez
259 Vesey Street, Manhattan

El Vez is a restaurant is already a popular haunt for Mexican food and margs, but it’s Burrito Bar is the bomb. It’s Build Your Own Burrito, and before you think—Chipotle—they’ve got things like Korean BBQ beef and kimchi, and El Frito on the menu. There’s also horchata soft-serve ice cream and just enough tables to cater for the busy crowds. Looking for more of a sit-down experience? El Vez is your place, a casual yet contemporary spot celebrating the festive soul of Mexican and Mexican-American culture—the main dining room, with mosaic banquettes and a large inviting barroom is complete with a crowd-pleasing photobooth; and the garage, which gives off the vibe of an edgy roadside cantina.

el vez and burrito bar nyc
Credit: El Vez and Burrito Bar
10 Corso Como
1 Fulton Street, Manhattan

10 Corso Como comes to the USA by way of Milan, Italy, the original luxury concept fashion store. Located in Seaport District, Corso Como is a feast for the eyes, but also the belly with it’s Cafe Restaurant. Its fashion meets jewelry meets high-end design and contemporary art meets modern Italian cooking. You’ll find a unique selection of fragrances, books, and homewares in the entrance, and wind your way around to the fashion floor (men and women) and end up in the art gallery housed at the back of the store, showcasing established and emerging modern artists. The restaurant offers alfresco dining and makes for the perfect spot to chill with a Negroni and bowl of Pasta Cacio e Pepe.

Credit: 10 Corso Como
Leo's Bagels
3 Hanover Square, Manhattan

If you like your bagels gooey and chewy in the way that they rarely are in NYC—you’ve found your place and it’s worth the trip down south. The bagels here showcase why New York is iconic for the breakfast item. In the mornings Leo’s Bagels is easy to spot in the FiDi of Manhattan as it is the only place with a line outside, and you might even be drawn to the scent of fresh, warm bagels being baked. The inside area of the shop is very small and only has a few bar stools at the window bar. So, grab your bagel or bagels and find another spot to enjoy.

leo's bagels nyc
Credit: Leo's Bagels

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Harry's NYC
1 Hanover Square, Manhattan

A steak house isn’t exactly a rarity in the Financial District, catering to all of the business lunches and dinners. But, Harry’s NYC stands out, by offering prime cuts of meat (aged in-house), and then cooking them the way you wish all steak houses would. The menu showcases seafood and other seasonal dishes, plus a revamped cocktail program borrowed from the adjoining bar after a luxurious renovation. Harry’s is located on the ground floor of the historic Hanover Bank building, and features original artwork and booths cloaked in leather. The front bar offers a more casual vibe and is ideal for a quick bite with friends, while the stylish dining room complete with a wine vault.

harry's nyc
Credit: Harry's NYC
Vintry Wine and Whiskey
57 Stone Street, Manhattan

A tiny little wine bar, almost out of sight on the side of an also tiny little street. The emphasis at Vintry Wine and Whiskey as the name suggests, is whiskey, coming in the form of carefully-crafted cocktails and a huge library of spirits, but the other passion for the family-owned bar, is Burgundy, as evidenced by the dozens of excellent options from the region behind the bar. It’s cozy, but elegant, dark, but sexy and makes for a perfect pre-dinner date spot, they also serve a limited menu of share plates.

Credit: Vintry Wine & Whiskey, Facebook
Honorable William Wall
Leaves from Liberty Landing ferry from the Brookfield Place Ferry Terminal to the Warren Street Pier

A floating bar on the water with unobstructed views of Manhattan in Summer. You’re already winning. The “Willy Wall” is like a well-kept secret, somehow, there are never lines, you can always get a ticket and it really is quite magical—and a super impressive date option. The boat itself departs from NJ, so you get a little shuttle boat over there, then a ferry that takes you to the William Wall floating happily about X feet from the shores of Battery Park City with views that run from the bottom tip of the island, right up to Times Square. There’s a bar, there’s music and you can bring your own food—we suggest a cheese selection. You can stay on the boat as long as you like, and they’ll take you back on the shuttle. The key is, to try and time your arrival with the sunset, it’s really like no other view you’ve seen.

willy wall nyc
Credit: Honorable William Wall
Black Fox Coffee
70 Pine Street, Manhattan

Black Fox Coffee claims to have one focus—quality. And based on their coffee and food offering, we’d have to say they’re doing a pretty good job of it. A bright and spacious cafe, with the kind of hipster vibes and airy scene you’d expect to find in LA or Portland Oregon, not FiDi, you’ll find design details like light fixtures from design firm Ladies and Gentleman and kiln-dried walnut seating and tabletops to soften the high-ceilinged concrete space. The elevated food options reflect Black Fox’s Australian roots and there are a variety of roasters from near and far; Brooklyn-based Parlor, Wisconsin’s Ruby, Portland’s Heart, 49th Parallel from Vancouver, and of course Melbourne’s own Small Batch.

black fox coffee co nyc
Credit: Black Fox Coffee Co.
Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar
102 North End Avenue, Manhattan

Embrace longer days and warmer nights at this top-floor terrace bar with sweeping views of the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor. Located on the 16th story of Conrad New York Downtown, this sophisticated rooftop bar serves up innovative cocktails including their iconic (and photogenic) Prosecco & Ice Pop cocktail—a People’s Pop ice pop topped with chilled prosecco or rose. The terrace is on the smaller, intimate side, with modern décor and a few options to sit down, either in the comfortable lounge sofas with tables or on the stools hanging out on the bar.

loopy doopy rooftop nyc
Credit: Conrad New York Downtown

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